Excited Victim Thanks Ghana Police For Rescuing Her From Armed Robbers Within 10 Minutes After She Called 191

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Ghana Police Service may heave a deep sigh of relief and feel proud this time round – as one of its patrol teams, rescued a family from armed robbers within short minutes after the victims called on them for help.

Sharing her joy on social media (Facebook), one Jessica Kekeli Abudey, disclosed how swift the police succored she and her family.

Jessica and family

Apparently, she least expected the police could attend to them with such swiftness and alacrity. She posted (unedited):

“Wow …. Ghana Police has really surprised me …. my family and I were almost robbed at home and just a low key call to 191 with my home address and direction… armed police men with two patrol cars arrived in less than 10minutes… We thank God for our lives and secondly to the police…. I’m so grateful…”

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The ever grateful Jessica added a note to those doubting ‘Thomases’ who feel the police were just a distance way – thus, informing how fast they responded to the emergency call:

“Let me clear the air about this they were just around the corner thing” for security purposes I can’t disclose where I live but u won’t wanna know where these two different patrol teams came from.

“And even if they were around my corner, I just called 191 in a very low key, gave the lady directions. N however she was very attentive n gave this directions to two different patrol teams from different locations.

“See I thought my family and I were finished last night cux I didn’t even think 191 will respond to my call …. But God is great. Ghana Police hmmmmm God bless them paaa … at least some are responsible and good at their job.

“They didn’t even take a pesewa when they were leaving…. they stayed around for some time to make sure we were safe. They took it upon themselves to comfort my very scared mum. Please I think my confidence in the police system is way up again”

Miss Jessica’s shock and excitement at what the police did is actually borne out of the public’s seeming lack of hope and confidence in the Ghana Police Service to deliver in cases of emergency – and that was evident in Jessica’s own confession: “I didn’t even think 191 will respond to my call.”

The officers actually did their job for which they are paid at the end of the month; but we hope and pray that if authorities at the Ghana Police Service happen to chance on this publication, we suggest they reward these officers to motivate them and others in the police service.

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