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Osarfo Anthony

Osarfo Anthony is a Ghanaian Arts/Entertainment Writer, Screenwriter, and Content Developer. He is the Owner/Managing Editor of Presspeep.com.Highly opinionated Osarfo has over 10 years of experience as an Art/Entertainment Writer in print and online publication. He says of his writing nose: “I write with the precision of an engineer and the depth of a sage.”

Random Sampling Shows People Don’t Vote For Political Parties Based On Celebrity Endorsement

The debate as to whether fans or the public vote for political parties based on celebrity endorsement of political parties, seems to be getting interesting based on a feedback from a random sampling extracted from one Entertainment blogger Kwasi Enoch. Whilst some think it works magic on the populace – …

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Ghanaian Actress Angry At The Showing Of Kumkum Bhagya, Simply Maria, Others On GH TV Channels

Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo, has condemned the high inflow and showing of foreign telenovelas on Ghanaian TV channels and thinks it’s time as a people of arts, we discontinue the phenomenon. Speaking on Hitz FM’s “Showbiz This Week” entertainment show, she agreed that Ghanaian movies are not selling as hot …

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Unlike Ghana, Kenya Has Music Tracking Software For Determining Music Royalties

Unlike Ghana, East African country, Kenya, can vaunt of having installed music tracking software in their media houses to track all songs played in the country to determine royalty payment to Kenyan musicians. The name of the software is Mziki Trak. It is able to detect when a song is …

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REPLY: Ivorian Musicians Give Up On 4X4 Over Beat Stealing Allegation

Management of Ivorian music group, Tour 2 Garde, has sent a short email to Presspeep.com – stating that, though they did not give permission to 4×4 to sample their beat, they are not interested in pursuing the matter in court. Read the original story below: EXPOSED: 4X4 STOLE Atongo Beat …

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CHOICES: Prodigal And Zeal Endorse NDC – Whilst Reggie Rockstone Goes For PNC

Multiple award winning music group VIP now VVIP due to the exit of Promzy substituted with Hiplife Grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone, has shown political maturity – as Zeal and Prodigal endorse candidate Mahama of NDC, Reggie goes for PNC. In an exclusive interview with Reggie, he disclosed to Presspeep.com, “Yes – …

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NEWS IN: Supreme Court Suspends Cross-Examination Over Woyome’s GHC51.2m

The much anticipated oral examination of businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome by, Martin Amidu, on the controversial GHC 51.2 million wrongfully paid him by the State has been put on hold by the Supreme Court. The suspension prompted the filing of a motion that is seeking to stay the said examination …

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Read The Sad Story Of How These Ghanaian Entertainers Died As Beggars – After All The Fame

Yes – people in showbiz or the creative arts, make this world a delight to be in. They are those who make us rejuvenate, recreate, dance, laugh, and thrill our emotions. Unfortunately, though these characters gain fame and become richer in society, some actually end up as beggars after their …

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Popular White American Gay Warns Blacks Not To Trust Whites – Dakota Bracciale Also Hates Trump’s Presidential Victory

An American white gay/trans by name Dakota Bracciale who is not too happy at how majority of Americans voted Donald Trump as President, also fights against white supremacy and advises blacks to be wary of whites– because to him, no matter what blacks will do to please whites, the latter …

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REPORT: Entertainment Stories Rated ‘0%’ Most Discussed Topics On Radio/TV

Some entertainment critics, pundits, and core industry players have quetched at the less slot and priority given to entertainment programmes on radio and TV. The call for making the arts a priority in national issues for instance, continues unabated. Entertainment news Editor, Broadcaster, and Arts Advocate, Mr. Kwame Dadzie, has …

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