Ghanaian Actor Van Vicker’s Wife Is 40 Years Today – – See How She Still Looks And The Emotion Laden Letter Van Wrote To Her

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Hurray – wife of Ghanaian award winning actor, Van Vicker, turns 40 today, 24th January, 2017.


Van and his wife, Adwoa, are among the few list of Ghanaian celebrities whose union or marriage have spanned 15 years and still counting. Like an old wine that can always get better, Van recalls the good and bad days they have shared and thanks Adwoa for being a true life partner.

Van manifests the little Shakespeare in him by penning down what we term as an orgasmic letter to his wife, Adwoa. Read below (unedited):

“I look forward to Jan 24th every year for the past 22years. It’s a special day in my life, the birthday of my soul mate. Today you turn 40.

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Van and Adwoa in their 20s when they married

“Today your life ‘begins’ and I am glad to be a part of it, STILL. There are times we disagree on issues but you just know how to get your way; that’s your negotiating quality. How you manage, home, kids, work and my baggage is the super mom quality you possess.

“You have made some mistakes and a load of good decisions; your analytical quality. It seems you just get better every year hahaha and tougher. You have grown from that teenager to this beautiful and amazing woman. At 40 today, I want you to know how much the kids and I count on you, for real.

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“You just MAKE IT HAPPEN IN OUR LIVES. We pray the good Lord keeps you around for an even longer period. @40 comes with its own female challenges…but who cares. Ok let me rephrase that cos I know you care, lol. @40 comes with its own female challenges but we (I) love you all the same.

“Baby, I don’t mind going through all the boxing drills, the squats, etc. just remember if they all fail I will still be by your side. Loving you is way beyond what I see. Our 3 beautiful kids remind me every day. We love all of you and look forward to spending more years ahead.

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“You bring joy to us all. You are the BEST lady, wife, mother, friend in the whole wide World. Happy birthday baby and God continue to bless you. Van Vicker.”

See Adwoa BEFORE and NOW at age 40:

Do you know how old Van is now? Well, we dont know, but an app tells us how he will look at age 70. Check it out:

It is our wish and prayers that the good lord will see them through till they age to entertain their grand and great grandchildren. Adwoa – – Happy Appearance Day from the team.



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