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Dipo festival is the greatest legacy of Krobo land. It is celebrated in the Eastern Region, located some 80 kilometers north of Accra. The festival is one of the most famous and important festivals in West Africa.


The Rite – Dipo

Dipo, also known as Puberty rites, is a celebration that initiates adolescent girls into womanhood. Beside the pride it brings to the participant and her family, it is believed that girls, who go through the rite, before breaking their virginity, become very good wives and acquire wealth as luck from the ancestors.

The objective is for the girls to preserve their virginity before getting married. It is therefore important that the girls who go through the rite, have their virginity intact.

Sitting On Sacred Stone

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As part of the rituals, the girls are asked to sit on a stone three times, in the presence of the chief priest, elders and parents. The stone is considered sanctified and only virgins can sit on it. It is believed that any girl who is not a virgin but pretends to be one would not be able to get up after sitting on the sacred stone – though there’s no record or history on such occurrence on this belief one can refer to.

Dipo Girl reminiscing on Sacred Stone

Also, if a girl is pregnant at the time of sitting on the stone, she will be exposed. A rite known as ‘Kukudipo’ is performed on both the girl and the man responsible for the pregnancy.

This rite is in the form of punishment for not maintaining chastity before marriage. This is also to deter other young girls growing up to be patient until the right time, before indulging in any unchaste activities.

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Importance of Dipo

The sole aim of the festival is to minimize, if not prevent, teenage pregnancy and also teach the young woman to be ready to take care of her own family in future. The girls are taught how to be good women.

They are taught how to cook; clean and tighten up their coochie, amongst others. Some playfully speculate that the Dipo girls are schooled on some se.xual orientations that can spin the heads of their husbands on bed– perhaps, why Krobo ladies are good in bed. You may want to marry a Krobo lady and experience for yourself.

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Showing Of Bare Breasts

One wild factor about Dipo rites, which has been practiced since only God knows when they started hsting the rite is the showing of bare breasts. All participating girls are made to go bare their boobs throughout the behind the scene rites – and even display so in public. Young men who witness Dipo rites simply cant take their rampaging eyes off those erected and inviting nipples of the girls – you may term it a teaser of Dipo rites.



Though publication of nudity is against our Core Ideology, we however published the above bare breast pictures to corroborate the story and to maintain the orientation, culture, and belief on the subject under consideration – Dipo rite.




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