NEWS IN: Poor ‘Beast of Nation’ Actor Strika’s ‘Mystery’ Money Invested In Treasury Bills At Barclays Bank – But Netflix Has Stopped Paying His School Fees

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Kofi Owusu Afriyie, one of the guardians of kid actor Strika in ‘Best of No Nation’ movie, has exclusively revealed to that the actor’s professional fee due him, has been invested in treasure bills.

Strika, now a beggar on the streets of Accra, is demanding for the professional consideration the producers of the movie promised him but assured of releasing only when he attains the age of 18 years.

“They said I will receive the money when I’m 18. I’m now 18 years. I want them to give me the money” Strika has told the media today. He also added that the amount due him is $ 30,000.

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But in an interview with Kofi Owusu Afriyie, he told that, the amount quoted by Strika is false. “The amount he has mentioned is not true. He was not paid that amount” he said.

Ask how much is involved, Kofi Owusu continued: “I’m restraining myself not to mention the actual amount, because, he’s an orphan, yet his family keeps asking him for money all the time due to his casting for the movie.

“They think he has so much in stock they can tap into. The money is not meant for such expenses. It’s for his future investment so I don’t want to put the actual amount out for now.”

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According to Kofi Owusu, the money has been invested in Treasure Bills for almost 2 years now and an account opened at Barclays bank, Osu branch, where returns from the investment goes into – whenever it matures. However, the account bears his (Kofi Owusu) name but in trust for Strika.

Kofi admitted that Strika, since attaining 18, has been on his neck for the money, so now, “I am prepared to go to the bank with anyone to cash the money and give it to him so I can have my peace of mind” Kofi Owusu added.

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Ending, Kofi Owusu disclosed that Netflix used to pay the school fees for a Montessori boarding school Strika was enrolled in in Cape Coast but they have stopped because “he says school is not his thing. He prefers the street life where he sometimes steals, engages in drugs, plus other vices”






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