UPDATE: 4X4 Denies Stealing Atongo Beat – They Welcome Court Action From Ivorian Musicians

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Earlier today, Monday, 21st November, 2016, Presspeep.com broke a story on Ghana’s award winning music group, 4×4, in which evidences the site picked after weeks of investigation, seem to implicate the said musicians for stealing the beat of their banger track, ‘Atongo,’ from a very popular music group in Ivory Coast by name, Tour 2 Garde.


EXPOSED: 4X4 STOLE Atongo Beat From A Popular Music Group In Ivory Coast? – Listen To Both Versions

4X4 Reacts

The site contacted Captain Planet who is a member of the 4×4 group and below, was his reaction:

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“Boss man please forget them. Just last week somebody too sent a message to our Facebook page claiming the dancing in the video is his dance” he said. Stamping their innocence firmly on the issue, he continued, “If we were not there when Garzy was producing the beat, that is where I may have my doubt – but in this case, we were present. We were there before he played it.”

Presspeep.com directed Captain Planet to YouTube to go listen to the song and get back to us. “They are both different beats. They are not the same. The only similarity is the ’33! 33! 33!’ in theirs which Coded used in ours” he told us on phone.

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He however admitted in a Whatsapp chat with us that (unedited), “As for beat dieerr, e go fit sound similar.”

4×4 Welcomes Court Action

According to Captain Planet, they are ever ready for any court action to test this case. “Anyway, there is copyright infringement so if he claims the Atongo beat is his beat, he should take a legal action against” he dared Ivorian musicians Tour 2 Garde.

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Mix Master Garzy’s Reaction

We also had a conference call with Mix Master Garzy who is in Nigeria but just after we opened the story up to him, the line cut. We have since tried to establish contact but to no avail. We hope to get him to share his reactions on this story.





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