10 Ghanaian Musicians Whose Names Are Simply Not Google Friendly And So Suffer Google Search Authority: EL Is Number 1

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Google is one of the popular search engines many people use in searching for information or data on things and people. Once a story on a subject is posted on the World Wide Web popularly known as www, trust Google to fetch that information for you later when your search for it.

If a researcher does not have to add anything or much to your name but auto-links/information pops up on you, it slaps a big statement that, you have Google Search Authority. It’s good for branding, easy identification and information gathering.

Do you remember Ghanaian musician Tiffany changed her name by preceding it with ‘Itz’? Well she did – because, if you Google Tiffany, search links take you to American singer/actress Tiffany Renee Darwish, and other Tiffany related disciplines. According to her, she changed or added the Itz to her name because “Tiffany wasn’t internet friendly.”

Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall musician, Batman, after some years of using the name, changed from Batman to Batman Samini, and finally, settled on Samini – which is his actual name by birth. He did so to get a stronger online search authority, because, the online search authority of the name Batman, takes any researcher to Hollywood movie Batman or actor Bruce Wayne. What about dancehall artist Episode now Epixode? You should be getting where we are driving you at.


Upon a Google search on stage names of some Ghanaian musicians, has observed that their names suffer higher authority on Google search engine or simply put, are not Google friendly. They have no or less unique identity or are competing with other subjects that have stronger Google search authority. Below are names for your perusal:

1. EL

Search for EL and you get this:ʾthe Father God among the Canaanites or Ēl is a Northwest Semitic word meaning “god” or “deity”, or refers (as a proper name) to any one of multiple major Ancient Near East deities — and that was the results got for making a simple search on Google on the BAR musician. We noted that the spelling of the the artist’s name is not consistent – whilst some spell it EL, others make it E.L

We also observed that to make your results relevant to the search, one must add either “rapper” or “Ghanaian musician” to the keyword – we find that not too appreciable for a well-established artist like EL – Ghana’s current Artist of the Year (VGMA). He may do the needful – by asking bloggers to stick to one: EL or E.L


2. Captain Planet (4×4)

A simple Google search on the name Captain Planet gives you nothing related to music group 4×4’s Captain Planet, in Ghana. The results shown for Captain Planet is that of the American animated environmentalist television program created by Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle.

To get the exact results, one must add more or these precise words – 4×4 or 4×4 Ghana. To us, it’s not too ideal since the name should have some authority in the search engines for it to command some heavy weight for our Ghanaian brother.

Captain Planet

3. Eno

We did it – do it too. Do a simple Google search on Eno and the related results shown are that of the English musician, composer, record producer and singer known as Brian Eno and other strange Eno related subjects. This name is not ideal for the female rapper’s search authority. Her online presence on search engines is quite poor and almost invisible; though we appreciate her for choosing the name Eno – an indigenous Ghanaian name.


4. Atom

Fast rising artist Atom of “Yewo Kurom” fame may have to consider a name change since it’s a poor choice for search engine purposes. We all know what an atom is – it is simply “the basic building block of ordinary matter which comes together to form molecules.” He may consider rebranding by adding something to the name Atom.


5. Adina

Soulful singer Adina Thembi Ndamse popularly known as Adina may have command and control over her voice but she surely have no command over the results that pops up after doing a simple search on her name. The musician doesn’t really identify so much with the results even on Google’s first page – we long to see her pop up on the first link upon clicking the enter button.


6. Jupitar

Ghanaian musician Jupitar’s online presence is so poor that Google actually corrects you with the right spelling of the word when you do a simple search – though one can assume he chose to make his name spelling end with ‘ar’ to differentiate it from the planet Jupit’er’ many know.

Unless you know some of his songs, it will be hard to find any or much information about this artist which is simply too bad for branding.


7. Becca

It is a no brainer that Becca is a common name and therefore the results which are unrelated to the musician are simply endless. If you want to find this soulful singer from Ghana on Google, then we beg of you to simply add the word “musician” to her name to make your results more relevant to the search – else, you may be taken to places you have never dreamt of. Her search results is not that bad compared to the rest of our list but it can get better.


8. Afriyie

Afriyie is also a common Ghanaian name so unless you want results associated with the artist who sang “I Do” or “Here to stay” it will be in your own interest to make it Afriyie Wutah or any other keyword associated with his songs. He can do better with time.


9. Galaxy

This is simply the worst choice of name for search engine purposes – especially when there is already a popular brand associated with the name. The results is simply dominated by Samsung’s range of Galaxy phones – so unless your search is related to mobile phones and not the music group based in Ghana, then you’re good to go.


In this era where social media and search engines rule, it’s of great significance to identify yourself as a musician with a name which can be easily curated from search engines. Building your online presence is not only important to your brand but also aid fans and other organizations to quickly get the necessary information about you from a simple search.

Our ending note to every artist reading this piece is that before you make a choice of name to identify with your music act or brand, take into consideration its search engine implications, because, it’s not everyone who has knowledge of how these engines operate online and will therefore find it difficult to get in touch with your works.

As an artist who is well established and branded, you should be able to take command of your name through a simple search. It doesn’t really matter if you are using a common name, simply build your online presence and get noticed by search engines.

Prince may be a very common name, probably one of the most popular names in the world but a simple search for this name identifies with American singer-songwriter and record producer Prince Rogers Nelson 9late). wishes our music acts well and challenges them to see this as a wakeup call to a better online presence, relevance, and authority.


Story by: Frimpong Prince