5 Reasons Why NPP’s Ursula Owusu Sat On An NDC MP And Pushed Another To The Floor

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The chaos in parliament since the 7th parliament was being dissolved and the 8th being ushered in is something Ghanaians will never forget, making itself into the history books of Ghana.

We have seen a couple of videos where some parliamentarians were involved in some malicious acts just because there was no simple understanding of who to occupy which sitting position in parliament.

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Ursula Owusu, MP for Ablekuma West representing her constituency under the ticket of the NPP, was seen in one of the viral videos pushing a member of parliament off his seat and sitting on another resulting from a misunderstanding.

According to what we have gathered, here are five reasons why Ursula acted in those ‘uncalled’ for manner taking into consideration the kind of person she is; in other terms, someone can say Ursula Owusu’s fight in parliament is the trending news in Ghana currently.

Ursula felt she was being bullied

Ursula felt she was being bullied by one of the NDC MPs who pushed her to the extent that she nearly fell on the ground. Being a lawyer and a women’s rights activist, Ursula wouldn’t have just made them go free without proving that indeed no one can bully her in any form.

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She was ignorant of the reason why the NDC MP had to occupy her seat

Anyone in Ursula’s shoes will definitely do what she did or even worse if they were in her shoes; you always have a sitting position and then one day you come to parliament and realize that someone else is occupying your seat, a place you’re very comfortable with and have always felt good at. She fought for where she always occupies and wouldn’t allow anyone to intimidate her by occupying that seat.

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Those MPs she had the encounter with had probably stepped on her toes before

One might never know, those MPs Ursula had the encounter with had probably stepped on her toes in parliament before and it was the right time to get back at them by proving the womanly power she possesses.

Ursula Was Probably Late To The Parliament House Hence She Didn’t Notice The Change

The member of parliament for Ablekuma West was probably late for the sitting hence she didn’t notice that the NDC MPs had taken over the right side of parliament where the majority(NPP MPs) usually sit.

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The mischievous Ursula only wanted to be the talk of town/trend

One might conclude that the mischievous Ursula only wanted to trend or be the talk of the town for her actions. She knew very well that sitting on the NDC MP would generate lots of controversies around her hence she just decided to do it to gain that attention.

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Well, if that was one of the reasons then it really worked for her. She’s now the talk of the town and we’re pretty sure media outlets will start inviting her for interviews following her actions.

Take a look at Ursula in the videos below in case you missed the chance of watching it:


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