Ghanaian International Drummer Sad At How Entertainers Are Following Politicians – “Following Their Stomach”

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Gentle but audacious and no nonsense Ghanaian international drummer, Okyerema Asante, is mad as well as highly crestfallen at how our stars, entertainers or showbiz personalities are busy following politicians in the name of democracy – but ostensibly, selling their conscience and obliviously, sowing a seed of division amongst themselves.

Okyerema Asante is known both home and abroad as the Master Drummer from Ghana – famous for performing all parts of a traditional five-person drum group by himself. He attaches percussion instruments to various parts of his body and simultaneously plays drums, a balafon, and many other instruments.

Okyerema in his elements

Resorting to his Facebook some days back, Okyerema posted:


Okyerema Asante is also known for playing with Paul Simon on his Graceland album. Asante’s own albums includes: Ohene Kesee A Ebin and Crabs in a Bucket and Bringing The Flame Home: From Havana to Africa (with Benito Gonzalez).