6 Reasons Why John Mahama Lost The 2020 Elections

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The 2020 elections had been one of the keenly contested ones in the last bronze jubilee with both the NPP and NDC garnering over 6 million votes each at the presidential level.

It was quite a tough one as the opposition NDC and their presidential candidate John Mahama had to do anything possible to win the elections or see themselves stay in opposition for another 4 good years.

With several happenings coming in the way within the year 2020, political parties did not give up on the limited time allocated to them for their final campaigns as some had to hold theirs few hours to the day of the elections.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana led by their chairperson Mrs Jean Mensah had promised Ghanaians a free and fair election prior to the day; they also mentioned that they have everything placed in order for the smooth and efficient running of the elections and the counting processes.

The incumbent president Nana Akufo-Addo obtained 6,730,587 votes representing 51.032% whiles John Mahama of the NDC came second, obtaining 6,213,182 votes representing 47.359% of the total valid votes.

We believe John Mahama’s loss resulted from a couple of reasons; take a look at some of the reasons below:

1. Papa No Tag

It is believed by most Ghanaians that one of the reasons why John Mahama lost the 2020 elections was his association with some female celebrities like Tracey Boakye, Mzbel, and a few others who tagged him as their sponsor (Papa No).

Some people argued that John Mahama and his NDC didn’t get votes from a certain group of people just because there is a perception that he would keep sponsoring more of the female celebrities with state funds if elected as president.

Some people also wondered why John Mahama didn’t defend himself when this ‘Papa No’ tag started which means everything said about him was true hence he didn’t deserve their votes since he will only concentrate on these ‘cheap’ celebrities.


2. No better policy to counter the free SHS

With John Mahama’s loss, several Ghanaians are relating it to the fact that he had no better policy to counter Akufo-Addo’s free SHS. According to the masses, the Free SHS introduced by the NPP has really been of great help since their children are able to go to senior high without financial constraints. Since the NDC had nothing better to counter this, it was very difficult to convince the masses enjoying this policy to vote for them to come into governance.


3. Felt complacent at their strongholds

Sources say the opposition National Democratic Congress felt very complacent at their strongholds hence didn’t put in much work during their campaigns. The NPP, on the other hand, did a lot of groundwork in the strongholds of the NDC to make sure they perform very well in those areas to gain some good number of votes and that worked perfectly for them; at least they managed to grab some votes which were supposed to go in favour of the NDC.

4. Prophetic Calling On His Life

In a video going viral, a certain Ghanaian prophet claims there is a prophetic calling in John Mahama’s life hence he can never be president again in his life. According to this prophet, John Mahama is going to be a great man of God who is destined to do the work of the Lord.

Well, if this so-called prophecy is true then it means God made John Mahama lose so he can focus on His calling.


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5. Some Party Agents At The Polling & Collation Centres Were Not Vigilant

According to reports made by some members of the NDC, the total number of votes counted at the polling centres do not tally with the number recorded on the pink sheets at the collation centres which simply means the party agents present at those centres weren’t vigilant as the processes were ongoing. That will be the only reason why numbers will vary at both the polling and collation centres since they’re accountable for all the results coming from their respective centres.

6. Mrs Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang Made Them Lose Votes

According to words on the streets, it is believed that the NDC lost some votes because of their running mate Mrs Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang. Even though some people were rooting for her to become the first female vice president of this country, others feel she is very incompetent and couldn’t handle that office if given the mandate.

It is also believed that some decisions she made during her tenure as the Minister for Education didn’t make her qualify for the position as a vice president hence they will vote massively against the NDC so she doesn’t get to occupy that office.


These are just a few of the reasons why some Ghanaians believe to have led to the defeat of John Mahama and his NDC. Meanwhile, the NDC still believes that Jean Mensah and her Electoral Commission haven’t been very fair in the elections hence are protesting the results.

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