82 Year Old Veteran Actor/Comedian Super OD Needs Financial Support At Old Age

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A nephew of Asonaba Kweku Darko, Alias Super OD. George William Dickson has called on the management of the Ghana Actors Guild, Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) to come to the aid of super OD before he goes to his ancestors.

George William Dickson, who is the president of the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana said, his uncle has contributed immensely to Ghanaian Film and Music industry and asked the leaders of the Associations to turn their eye on the ace Actor cum musician rather than waiting till he pass on before they begin to sing praises at his funeral grounds.

George William Dickson and OD

He bemoaned that the health of Super OD needs much to be desire. He has to be help with both hands with the help of a walking stick before he can walk. Age has caught up with the 82 year old actor cum musician but the creative industry he belongs to has neglected him.

Mr. Dickson said “who is holding my uncle’s intellectual property. He has never get a pesewa from his intellectual property since he started acting but I am told the government gives money to actors through the Audiovisual Society of Ghana.

“I know he receives slight royalties from GHAMRO for his recorded music but receives nothing from the Film industry so are you going to see him die before you come to Agona Abodom to sing praises?” he asked.

He advised the industry players and the government to celebrate him before his demise; we don’t need to spend too much on the dead. He stressed. He humbly called on philanthropies to support super OD through the following bank account to support his medicals.

Bank Name: Agricultural Development Bank
Account Name: Asonaba Kweku Darko
Account Number: 1000114215401
Branch: Agona Swedru
Account Type: Savings Account
Or contact Super OD on his mobile number 020 8161144 and wish him well.

Super OD, who had a blissful acting career spanning from the 1970s to the 90’s, was very popular for his roles in local Ghanaian series, Akan Drama on GTV. Acting with the Oppong Drama Group which later became known as Osofo Dadzie Group, Super O.D gained nationwide popularity for his impeccable acting and rib cracking jokes.

The veteran actor besides his acting career landed private jobs to appear in television commercials to advertise company products. Super O.D. appeared in Ghanaian movies ‘Double Cross’, ‘Fatal Decision’ and ‘Crossfire’ produced by HM Films; a feat which shot him up further in the Ghanaian movie industry.


Credit: George William Dickson