Actor Agya Koo Explains Why He Refused To Cast Lilwin For The Ghana @ 60 Celebration DRAMA

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Ghana @ 60 Celebration

Over the weekend, legendary actor, Agya Koo, finally let out the real reasons actor Liwin did not feature in the drama put together for the Ghana @ 60 celebrations.

Ghana @ 60 Celebration

Speaking to DJ Roar on Kessben FM in Kumasi, Agya Koo stated that Liwin’s exclusion from the cast was intentional and he was behind the move.

“Kojo Nkansah was nowhere to be found when we were struggling for the betterment of the industry. By God’s grace we didn’t work in vain, the industry we are experiencing today is the outcome of our toil yesterday, so Liwin can’t disrespect me for any reason.”

Ghana @ 60 Celebration

Aside the disrespect, he also spoke about Liwin snubbing him over several calls to take part in various projects.

“It hurts when your younger brother ignores your invitations severally with reasons best known to him. I thought it wise to safeguard my reputation this time around by not inviting him. This is why he wasn’t casted.”