Actress Lydia Forson Goes Through Surgery That Made Her Cry Like A Baby – She Reveals Her Experience

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Actress Lydia Forson is full of praise and appreciation for the country’s health system after undergoing a successful surgery.

Lydia Forson

Ms Forson, noted that the life-saving surgery brought to light, the key challenges doctors and nurses go through to provide medical care to Ghanaians. Having thanked the doctor who conducted the surgery, she revealed the experience she had, stating,

“Dr. Delase Amedoh (I just needed to write your full name): Imagine it took surgery for me to finally see you as a doctor. But thank you for holding my hand as I cried like a baby. That’s an image I wish I could erase from your mind but it’s one I’ll forever cherish.”

The actress revealed in a Facebook post – but refused to give the actual sickness on which she was operated on. Check her full post below: