Amnesia ‘Patient’ Vicky Zugah Has Apologized For Saying She Enjoys Anal Sex – Read Her Full Statement

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Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has expressed regret for her anal sex comments on eTV days ago.

The mother of two was reported to have said that she enjoys the sexual activity involving penetration of the anus.

It is great. I mean Ana.l S3x is great so find out if your partner likes it or not and then you will enjoy the act. However, not everybody like anal sex so you need to ask the person before you engage in the act with him or her.” she said on TV.

Few seconds after passing those comments on the show, she could not recall what she said when the host asked her to “repeat what you just said.” Later, Vicky Zugah denied ever passing such comments when interviewed on radio (Entertainment Review) on Peace FM.

But in an instagram post on Monday afternoon, she asked Ghanaians to forgive her. She explained that “I didn’t mean it the way it came out. Something definitely went wrong.“ She pleaded with Ghanaians to use her mistakes against her because she wants to fight against domestic violents.

“Coming across things like this almost on a daily breaks my heart into a million pieces. How do I quit talking about this when it keeps happening? Lend me your ears please. Stop trying to shut me up. I mean no evil. I just want to save as many lives as I can while am still here.

“Don’t use my mistakes against me. Don’t allow mistakes of yesterday overshadow today’s good intentions. I will beg you all if need be. Give me the chance to do this please. I am sorry,I didn’t mean it the way it came out. Something definitely went wrong. Forgive me.” Vicky Zugah posted

Vicky Zugah portrays tendencies of a character suffering from Amnesia. If that is the case, we humbly advise she gets medical attention – so she can have a sound mind to promote her brilliant cause – domestic violence. We wish her well.