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“Are the COVID-19 Tests at the Airport A Scam or Real?” Kwaw Kese Asks.

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Kwaw Kese, Ghanaian hip-hop and hip-life artiste has aired his views and has probed the accuracy of the COVID-19 tests administered at the Kotoka International Airport. He allegedly claims it is is a scam being used by the government of Ghana in order to extort money from passengers.

In His 22nd address to the nation on the issue of COVID-19, The President stated, “Recent genomic sequencing undertaken by our scientists have established that some arriving passengers tested positive for new variants of COVID-19,” thus blaming the sudden spike in cases on passengers arriving in Ghana and ultimately making them pay a price of USD150 to get tested.

“Ghana government boasted of being the best manager of COVID-19 pandemic,” Kwaw Kese said in reaction to the President’s address “Now, the President has come out to say foreigners who come into the country caused the rise in numbers.”

“I want to ask that if that is the case, is the COVID-19 tests at the airport not accurate?” he queried. “Because everybody who comes into this country through the airport is supposed to pay $150 and take a test. So, how come the people who come into this country rather bring corona after taking the test?”

“Is the test a scam or it’s real? If the text isn’t accurate, then stop it – which means you should stop taking the $150 test fees. Stop scamming at the airport and stay woke,” he deduced.