Aside Kumawood, There is Vollywood, Westwood, and Tallywood – Is Ghana’s Movie Industry Turning Into Tribal Play?

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It appears the wood-naming vogue of Ghana’s movie industry is taking tribal and regional dimension – and that is confirmed by different names that keep germinating from time to time.

After many years of some industry players calling on Ghanaian filmmakers to coin a name for the movie industry, the practitioners finally came up with Ghallywood – following the steps of America’s Hollywood, Indian’s Bollywood and perhaps, Nigeria’s Nollywood.

Ghallywood actresses: Yvonne Nelson & Yvonne Okoro


Ghallywood, therefore is the officially name of Ghana’s movie industry – but before Ghallywood could gain foot hold, industry players in Kumasi in the Ashanti region had already named their movie industry Kumawood – thus, movies produced in Kumasi or in the Twi language. Though there are many conspiracy theories regarding who actually coined the name, some people credit it to self-assuming-lady, Afia Schwarzenegger.

Interestingly, some tribes or regions in Ghana, have also started following the wood-naming forgery to represent themselves. Presspeep.com has observed a number of them and presents for your attention.


Vollywood is the name of the movie industry for the Volta region of Ghana – in another sense, the industry name for films produced largely in the Ewe language or people of Ewe descent. Vollywood movies are produced in the Volta region of Ghana, precisely, Adaklu.

Unlike Kumawood movies which are mostly comedy, Vollywood movies narrates true but untold stories of the people of Ewe land and general storylines about life. Vollywood movies contain 100% dialogue in Eve with subtitling.

Kumawood actress: Nana Ama Mcbrown

They are largely marketed in areas such as Hohoe, Ho, Aflao, Adaklu, Togo, Peki, Kumasi, Accra and some part of the North. Putting our ears on the ground and speaking to few VCD (movies) sellers, Presspepp.com gathered that the Vollywood movies are not that popular because the filmmakers don’t publicize or advertise much. However, those who know about Vollywood movies love them and patronize them!

Already, names such as Harriet Odonu, Sheila Nyavor and others are few names of characters we picked in Vollywood as emerging movie stars. Our investigation also revealed that whilst some filmmakers in Vollywood intend to make their own stars just as Kumawood has done with names like Agya Koo, Kwaku Manu, Mercy Asiedu, Kyeiwaa, and others, some filmmakers in Vollywood rather use already made film stars who are Ewes or of Voltarian descent.

Names we gathered include: Kofi Adjorlolo, Gavivina Tamakloe, Eunice Banini and Akorfa Asiedu Adjani – all Voltarians, as casts for Vollywood movies distributed unto the movie market. Who actually coined the name – Vollywood, is still not clear. It is rumoured that one Mr. Winfred Fayose once claimed to be the brain behind the name.

Actor Kofi Adjorlolo


Then also, is Tallywood – name for movie industry of Tamale or movies produced in Tamale or in Northern languages – Dagomba, Sisala, Gomja, etc. The latest one we chanced on is Westwood – which according to reports, is the name of Takoradi’s movie industry which has its own award known as Westwood Awards.

“The Westwood awards is an initiative that seek to award movie makers in the Western Region of Ghana” reports have it. We may not be surprised to wake up someday and hear Sunyawood – movie industry name of Sunyani, Accrawood – movie industry name of Accra or Gas, Wawood – movie industry name for Wa, and the wood and its tribal undertones may go unabated.

The germane questions we at Presspeep.com ask are: Are these faction-names important at all? Is it not a way of deepening the deadly pangs of tribalism in our society? Why don’t we stick to Ghallywood and promote it for international recognition? Share a thought if you have any.