AUDIO: Ghanaian Comedian DKB Shares Bad Experience Of How Audience Attacked His Jokes On Tribal Lines – He Gave A Scholarly Defence Though

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Ghanaian award winning comedian popularly known as DKB, in an exclusive interview with, has shared his bad experience of how audience have attacked him for jokes he passed on tribal lines.

DKB contacted Editor of on 17th January, 2017, after reading our editorial which made the claim that Ghanaians are simply too stiff for arts – one of the many reasons our showbiz industry lack creativity and not growing.

Read it below:

Apparently, the theme of the editorial has been a bother to the comedian ever since he stated his act professionally. He said he has on a number of occasions been attacked or booed for passing jokes at events and that the latest one occurred on Saturday, 14th January, 2017.

But the ‘Big Head’ DKB, who believes his acts are meant for a positive orientation-to-change, used the opportunity to explain himself – and his explanation is profound. Listen to him: