Award Winning Journalist Advises Members Of GJA Not To Vote For The Current Executives Of The Association

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Multiple award winning journalist, Zadok Kwame Gyesi, who works with state owned press, Graphic, has given reason to members of Ghana Journalists Association GJA, why they should not vote to maintain the current executives of the association.


Titling his submission “One Reason Why You Should Not Vote For The Current GJA Executives,” Zadok took to his Facebook wall and shared his artless opinion. Read below:

Is it not alarming and frustrating that our current GJA executives cannot compile a simple register of their members in good standing and those “in bad standing”. The incompetence level of the current executives is beyond the ordinary.

Earlier in this month, the incompetent GJA executives published in the Daily Graphic names of 988 members of the association whom they claimed were in good standing. Now, the incompetent GJA national executives have revised the list to 456.

I’m not surprised because if you have executives who cannot even compile a good register of their members, how can they defend the interest of their members. I think we should give them incompetence medals. They can even reduce the number to ten and they will all lose their positions, particularly the President and his Secretary.

In the meantime, the elections have been postponed. If you happen to be a member of GJA, do you agree with Zadok? If yes, share a thought, if not, shoot your counter claim in the comment box below.