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Be Sincere About Your Lifestyle and Stop Being Fake – Martha Ankomah Advices Celebrities.

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Numerous Ghanaian celebrities are influencing the youth negatively due to the fake lives they live on social media. According to Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah, most of these luxurious lifestyles are misleading and put unnecessary pressure fans.

“I see a lot on my social media page. Most people are living a fake life on social media,” she said in an interview with Kingdom FM this week.

“Some of us get things for free and so when we wear them, you can see that it’s a form of advertisement for them. So, when you do not post for the people who follow you to see that this woman is selling something and there is a young girl at home and you write ‘hard work’, you’re deceiving the kids. Let people know that aside acting you have other side businesses,” she further stated.

“Let people know that your side hustle is what is making you take first class flights, because your lifestyles put pressure on the youth. If we are not sincere to the people about what we do so that they do not put pressure on themselves to do what we do,” Martha went on to say.