Bible Doesn’t Condemn Makeup – Ghanaian Gospel Musician Diana Hamilton Educates

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Gospel musician, Diana Hamilton, speaking on the recent popularity of extreme fashion, makeup and sense of style in the Ghanaian gospel music industry has stated, “The word of God does not in any way condemn makeup but it rather admonishes us to adorn ourselves.

“Jesus loves beautiful things and it would rather be unfair on my part that I’d dress in a certain way that could make someone miss his/her chances of going to heaven.”

She continued that, “The current gospel industry as compared to my teenage days as a backing vocalist has seen a tremendous improvement. We are now exposed to new trends in the key things which literally sum up the complete package of an artiste, i.e. fashion and music production and has helped in the professional maturity of both the old and new artistes in the industry.”

This message from Diana may come as a big relief to gospel musician Gifty Osei, who has over the years been denounced by the public for wearing thick lipsticks, eye brows and eye lashes; wear longer artificial hairs, bleaching, and hip-pads – making her compete with America’s Beyonce sort of.

To such critics, those dressing styles are meant for mundane ones – so the difference as to who is secular or standing for the cross, does not come out clear when gospel musicians follow such fashion trends. However, the female gospel musicians contend that God worshipping is in the heart and not about what one wears.

The debate keeps going on and only nature knows when it will end and who actually is right or wrong – or simply being hypocrite. Share a thought below: