BUSTED: NDC Has Not Built Any Theatre In Kumasi As They Promised In 2012 Election Campaign

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Checks by Presspeep.com in Kumasi has revealed that the incumbent government has not built a theatre there – a promise they made (to build theatre in Kumasi) in 2012 before winning the election.

For many years players in Ghana’s showbiz industry have cried out to successive governments to build bigger theatres or auditoriums for the creative art industry. Luckily, the NDC government made a promise in 2012 – to build a state of the art theatre in Kumasi.


To that effect, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative, on behalf of the Republic of Ghana, had a Memorandum of Understanding with a Turkish Exim bank to build the Kumasi theatre for Ghana. The Turkish bank was to fund the construction of the theater.

The then Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Art, Mr. Prince Boakye-Boateng, made this revelation on Peace 104.3 FM’s ‘Entertainment Review’ on Saturday, 25th January, 2014 that government has already secured a land in Kumasi for the construction of the theatre.

However, recent checks by Presspeep.com has it that government has not dug a foundation, talk less of manufacture a block of cement to start the project. The theatre was to be built somewhere at the Kumasi airport enclave but there is ‘no show’ going on.

In an interview with Mr. Ola Micheal, who is now the spokesperson for the NDC party on creative arts and tourism issues, he told Presspeep.com that “We have not abandoned that idea. When the petty issues are resolved, it will be done.”

Asked what actually the problem is, he disclosed, “the plan and vision to get a theatre done is still intact but there are some challenges arising from the location and the family that owns the land. You know how these things work. Land owners having unresolved issues and they can’t be overlooked.”

Ending, Mr. Ola made the point that the government will get the land issues resolved so they can revisit it in their next tenure of office – in other words, when candidate John Mahama wins the 2016 presidential election.

NPP Makes Theater Promise Too

In another promise-galore, as though people in the arts can always be taken for a ride – the opposition NPP, in their manifesto, have also promised of building theatres – in their case, nine (9).


“Pursue the construction of modern large seating theatre in every regional capital except Accra, beginning with Takoradi, Tamale, and Kumasi” captioned from the manifesto. We only live to see if they do as promised- thus, should they come into office.

Surviving Event Centers Under Pressure

Currently, the most reliable event auditoriums for those in the city are Accra International Conference Center (AICC) and the National Theater – which are under pressure due to the lack of other equally big or bigger alternatives.