CHOICES: Prodigal And Zeal Endorse NDC – Whilst Reggie Rockstone Goes For PNC

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Multiple award winning music group VIP now VVIP due to the exit of Promzy substituted with Hiplife Grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone, has shown political maturity – as Zeal and Prodigal endorse candidate Mahama of NDC, Reggie goes for PNC.

In an exclusive interview with Reggie, he disclosed to Presspeep.com, “Yes – I’ve always been a supporter of PNC and their ideologies. I am a staunch PNC guy.” He also revealed that not only is he a PNC devotee, but also married to the daughter of late President of Ghana (1978-1981), Dr. Hilla Liman, of PNC party.


He however did not share why he has not been seen campaigning for PNC all these years. He also confirmed to Presspeep.com that Zeal and Prodigal have endorsed candidate Mahama and why he appreciates their political stands too. “Yeah Prodigal and Zeal endorse Mahama. This proves to the fact that you can be together regardless of your political party! It’s your birth right!” he said.

Some few weeks back, VVIP reunited with Kennis Music Group in Nigeria through a new contract with their label, VMG. The partnership is to further strengthen the cause of remaining one of the best music groups in Africa, and expanding the coast. Kennis music was responsible for making the group formerly known as VIP a household name in Nigeria.