CONFESSION: Mzbel Reveals How Friends Around Her Did Not Advise Her Against ‘Open Nudity Brand’ She Built For Her Music Career

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Musician Belinda Akua Amoah, who bears the moniker Mzbel, has admitted that the ‘bad girl’ brand she portrayed during her heydays in the music industry did not help her.

Bad Girl Mzbel

Mzbel told Lexis Bill on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM that her nude photos and appearance ‘never helped’ advance her career in anyway. She said that she was unaware that her actions were wrong because she was young and wanted to have fun.

The singer added that her acquaintances never cautioned her on her choice of lifestyle except for criticisms from the media circles. “I was just having fun being myself. I was comfortable. No one around me ever said that what I was doing was wrong. They will criticise me on radio and TV but then when there is a show with my name on…it is packed,” she revealed.

The ‘16 Years’ hit maker said that she realized her waywardness only five years ago and that she never liked the ‘bad girl’ brand she was associated with.

Good Girl Mzbel

Despite the challenges her racy appearance created for her, Mzbel said she will not change anything about her past if she is given the chance. She explained that her past has taught her vital lessons about life.