CONGRATS: Popular Mayor Who Went For Ritual Bathing At Cemetery Wins MP Seat – Power Of JUJU?

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Deep throat information that reached had it that a popular Mayor who was standing for a Parliamentary seat, resorted to a ritual bath at a cemetery (midnight) a week ago.

After the Parliamentary votes were counted, this Mayor won landslide in his Constituency – and with this win, he is entering Parliament for the first time to join his compeers as a Legislature in Ghana. We congratulate him anyway – but who is this Mayor?

This mayor is popular, a disciplinarian, and has made quite some achievements for himself. The fellow is a member of one of the two popular parties in Ghana – NPP and NDC. Do make a guess – you could get it right, but don’t blame us if you get it wrong.

The essence of the ritual bath as learnt, was for; cleansing of any curse, protection, and energize this Mayor’s charisma – so that when he stands in public and speaks, he can mesmerize the masses and eventually get their trust and vote.

We also gathered that all those in the known of the act were warned not to disclose it to anyone – especially the media, else they will die. Well, we at are still anxiously waiting for death to come and wipe all of us out for doing our legitimate work– at least it will confirm the full veracity of our story, and we shall be known for dying for stating the truth. Keep reading us.