CONGRATS: South African-Ghanaian Filmmaker Molatelo’s Documentary ‘Block 5’ Selected For Zanzibar Film Festival 2017 – HURRAY!

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“Huge congratulations to DFA member Molatelo Manetje from Bolobathaba Films on the selection of her documentary ‘Block 5’ to the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) taking place on Saturday, 8 July to Sunday, 16 July in Stone Town, Zanzibar” – is a congratulation message to Molatelo Mainetje Akiik, a South African-Ghanaian filmmaker based in South Africa.



In an exclusive interview with Presspeep.com all the way from South Africa, Molatelo Mainetje Akiik shared how happy she is at the news.

“It feels good. This is one [‘Block 5’] of my works that we put in a lot of efforts – so it feels good it’s been selected for Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF). We are going for it” she said amidst giggling.


Giving a long vote of thanks, Molatelo Mainetje Akiiki gave tongue to:

“Thank you Peter Bruks, Brenda Blackbeauty Maenetja now with SAPS and Bron Waka Nukz for the support. You guys where 110% there driving the production while I remotely directed from Johannesburg.


“Thank you Koketso Koki Dlongolo for polishing my script and Bathokozile Vee KaNolala for editing my sub-titles. And my friend Bijoy Sarawan for the colour grading and final mixing.

“A big thank you to the community of BLOCK 5 for allowing our cameras and mics into your lives and allowing us to tell this important story in the times of South Africa’s political climate.”

Molatelo Manetje is married to a Ghanaian and per her genealogy, she is a Fante – from Central region of Ghana. She’s called Esi. Molatelo Manetje Akiik is a good standing member of The Documentary Filmmakers Association. Her production house is Bolobathaba Films.

The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), also known as Festival of the Dhow Countries, is an annual film festival held in Zanzibar, Tanzania. It has been described as the largest cultural event in East Africa. Established in 1997, ZIFF, which is a non-governmental organization, seeks to develop and promote film and other cultural industries as catalyst for the regional social and economic growth.

Filmmakers from over 70 countries submitted films and amongst those countries represented in the final selection are: Kenya, Canada, Spain, France, South Africa, Tanzania, India, Australia, United States, Nigeria, Rwanda, Brasil, Ghana, Chad, Uganda, Mozambique, Hungary, United Kingdom, Ethiopia, amongst others.

ZIFF 20th also opens a new section dedicated to African Film Schools. A selection of 15 films will be announced soon and screened during the festival. The best one will be awarded during award night. The festival takes place on Saturday, 8 July to Sunday, 16 July in Stone Town, Zanzibar.


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