Cooking Shouldn’t Be The Responsibility of Only Women In Marriage – Actress Lydia Forson Explains Why

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Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson, who made news after her alleged assault case with a National Security officer a few days ago has waded into the argument over cooking and slavery.

Lydia Forson

The actress took to her Facebook account to bemoan the issue and wondered why people would waste time talking about cooking when there were other serious matters to discuss. She added that it was only an unserious people and country who would argue over the issue of cooking when the economy was in a mess and development was far from the nation.

She took a swipe at the men who felt threatened by the issue of cooking which went viral on social media. The ‘Keteke’ actress said she was not for or against the matter, she was only shocked that the country had to come to a standstill because of the issue.

Lydia Forson said she loved to cook and it was not going to be a bother to her if she had to cook for a man she liked. She said she has dated some men who did not have a problem if she cooked for them or not.

According to her, men must be allowed to decide whether they want to get married to a wife who prefers to cook or not. “If a man wants a woman who wants to cook, he can marry her. In the same birth if a woman feels cooking is not her thing, why can’t she find her choice?” she asserted.

Checks by Presspeep.com reveals Lydia has since pulled down the video to stave off further verbal assault on her corporeal self.

The comments of the actress comes on the heels of a debate that was sparked on social media over wives cooking for their husbands. A section of the public considered the act as a form of modern day slavery while the other section considered the act the ‘full’ responsibility of the wife.