Daddy Lumba Did Not Even Warn DL Junior Before Heading To Court – DL Juniour Shares The Full Story

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Emmanuel Baffoe Anokye, popularly known in Ghana’s music industry as DL Junior, says he is in shock that Daddy Lumba did not contact him to iron out any issues the music legend have with him – but sought legal redress; restraining him from having anything to do with the Lumba brand.

Daddy Lumba has filed a lawsuit at the Accra High Court alleging that Emmanuel claims to be his son and impersonates him to get gifts from people.

When Showbiz contacted him last Tuesday, DL Junior said he couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I really don’t understand what is happening and I can’t believe that Daddy can do this to me because we have a very good relationship.

“When I got the summons, I went to GHAMRO to see the officials to see the way forward and they told me to take it easy and that they will talk to him, so I kept my fingers crossed and left,” he said.

For now, DL Junior says he has employed the services of a lawyer so he will act on his lawyer’s instructions.

According to him, although he is beside himself with shock at the suit, because he and Daddy Lumba get along very well, he has nothing against the ace musician.

“I don’t have anything against him, I still love him. What hurts me are the charges he levelled against me, I thought he could have called me and talked with me like a son instead of heading to court,” he said.

He added that he has been using the name DL Junior for a very long time and has even performed with the legend on several occasions.

“He never told me he didn’t like what I am doing but rather he encouraged me to go on and that in good time, he will show me to the world,” he claimed.

According to, Daddy Lumba alleges that Emmanuel Anokye has a history of impersonating him since he took part in a TV Africa-produced reality show, Just Like You which aired in 2010.

The talent show gave upcoming artistes an opportunity to mimic their favourite celebrities. DL Junior imitated Daddy Lumba.