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Dangote’s Mind And Time Spent With Me Is More Than Any Piece Of Jewelry Or Designer Bag- Dangote’s Brokenhearted Sidechick Speaks

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Wealth comes with lots of attention and several women throwing themselves at you especially if you’re a man; the reason why most wealthy men prefer to stay single and enjoy their lives without staying committed to just one woman.

The recent development surrounding Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote is that one of his side chicks, Bea Lewis, who stays in Atlanta has shared a post of how the billionaire broke her heart into 1000 pieces.

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This caused a lot of stir on social media as his other side chicks also surfaced, posting videos of them together to raise tensions.

Dangote and sidechick Bea Lewis

Bea Lewis mentioned in her post that Dangote is the best person she has ever met as he changed her perception about lots of things; according to Bea, Dangote’s time and his mind is worth more than any jewelry or designer bag which will go out of style in a few weeks.

She wrote

His mind is more than any piece of jewelry or designer bag that goes out of style in a few weeks. His time was worth more than his net worth to me. And i’ll never regret him choosing to spend it with me. 

This post on Bea’s Instagram story is one that anyone can rarely read from a young lady who has dated a billionaire. This only shows how intelligent and smart she was during the times they spent together in the relationship.

Take a look at her post below: