Die-Hard Fan Of Actress Yvonne Nelson Threatens To Commit Suicide – Reasons Will Ball You Over

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Actress Yvonne Nelson Tells BBC

Actress Yvonne Nelson has shared a message she received from a male character who claims to be her die-hard fan – and in the message, threatened to kill himself if Yvonne fails to reply.

The fan, in the message, gives a hyperbolic narrative of being Yvonne’s fan by birth, likes her IG posts, passes comments beneath, and retweets her tweets – just to get her attention. However, all attempts fetch no attention from the ‘Heels and Sneakers’ producer.

To cap it all, this fan admonishes Miss Yvonne: “You can employ me to clean your house and I will definitely do it for free.” This fan ends by threatening to take his life if the actress fails to respond to his messages.

Publicity stunt? Gimmick? Only Yvonne Nelson knows best.


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