Doctor Advises Heavily Pregnant Gospel Musician Obaapa Christy To Stop Performing On Stage – Her Management May Comply

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Multiple-award winning gospel Diva formerly known as Christiana Love, now Obaapa Christy of ‘Hyebre Sesafuo’ fame has been advised by a medical doctor to desist from performing with her heavy pregnancy because it’s risky to her health and that of the unborn child.

Speaking In an exclusive interview with Drive Time Presenter for Kyzz FM in Takoradi, Asaaaewura Santana on the #Yese Yese segment of Ayekoo Ayekoo Drive Time, Dr. Acheampong of the Natural World Health Clinic revealed that, energetic stage performance with pregnancy can cause complications during, before, and even after pregnancy to both the mother and Child.

He therefore advised it would be safer for Obaapa Christy to take a break from active stage works until after safe delivery.

“I will advise Obaapa Christy to be careful with her stagecraft at this stage of her pregnancy. Her energy on stage is not good for her condition.”

On the health implications, he re-emphasized:

“She risk dislocating the unborn child’s position and thereby cause complication.”

Obaapa Christy who is expecting her fourth child has been spotted on several platforms with her energetic stage craft entertaining audience – and that has raised a lot of questions, though Obaapa has stated she is protected by God.

“Singing is my hobby and God knows I love it so he protects me and strengthen me anytime I grab the microphone” she says.


Hunger is prevalent in our industry, so when the time comes for any talent to make money, there’s no point in letting it go – but, the same money can entrap one into risking his or her life. The Doctor has a point.

That aside, science may have eroded the pillars of superstition but we still live in Africa, where evil eyes cast hexes on people – pregnant ones are mostly their prey. God is always there to ‘Sesa the hy3br3’ but as long as Wednesday born Satan is alive and operating, calamities can befall any. It’s only reasonable for management of Obaapa to heed this advice and comply – it’s not an imposition though.