Dr. Okoe Boye In Trouble; Set To Be Snubbed By Nana Addo for Ministerial Appointment

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As we await the list of the ministerial nominees from the Presidency, information available to Presspeep indicates that Nana Addo is set to ditch the affable and hardworking Dr. Okoe Boye for any ministerial appointment.

This resolve by the Presidency is borne out of the fact that all Ministers and Deputies who lost their seats as MP’s will not be considered for Ministerial appointment.

The hands of the Presidency are tied due to the fact that the constitution enjoins the Presidency to appoint a majority of his ministers from Parliament giving Dr.Okoe Boye a slimmer chance.

More importantly is the fact that the President is under pressure from Party faithful and Ghanaians, in general, to reduce the size of his “elephant size” government and form a leaner executive.

Dr.Okoe Boye is considered a hardworking member of the NPP and played a major role in battling the outbreak of COVID 19 in the country

He is considered as a stalwart in the New Patriotic Party and the few young men with greater prospects in the NPP.

It became a shock when he lost his seat as an MP in the Ledzekoku Constituency to the NDC  candidate.