Dramani Farms Ravaged in Fire.

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Dramani Issahaku Wisdom, Former LESDEP District Coordinator in the East Gonja District under the leadership of John Dramani Mahama has lost his lucrative farm due to a fire outbreak.

The unfortunate event took place on Friday, 22 January 2021. Over 250 mango trees and 10,000 tubers of yam were lost in the fire.

He made it known to the public the sad incident on social media saying, “What a black Friday. Over 10,000 tubers of yam and over 250 mango trees burnt in Dramani farms. To those who left their homes to the farm to off the fire, I say thank you and to the workers of Dramani Farm I say be strong and happy. Almighty Allah knows best.”

Numerous markets throughout the country have been burnt down to ashes due to the continual fire outbreaks. As it stands now, the cause of fires has not yet been discovered.