ECLUSIVE: Asamoah Gyan’s Alleged Rape/Sodomy Victim To Appear Before Court Over Defamation Suit – To Determine ‘Real’ And ‘Fake’ Sarah Kwablah

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Sarah Kwablah, a then 22 year old student who accused Blackstar captain, Asamoah Gyan of rape and sodomy, is to appear in court to testify over a defamation suit involving Daily Guide newspaper and a ‘fake’ Sarah Kwabla – which the former used for publication.


Daily Guide, on Wednesday, 25th June, 2015, broke a story which alleged that Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan is being threatened with a se.x video involving him and one Sarah Kwablah – which has now come to be known as ‘Asamoah Gyan-Sarah Kwabla sex video.’

Later, it turned out that Sarah is actually not threatening Gyan with a ‘normal’ se.x video – but rather, accusing him of raping and sodomising her, an act which was caught by a CCTV camera in her house and is still intact as evidence for criminal prosecution.

Unfortunately on the part of Daily Guide, they used a wrong picture of a lady also called Sarah Kwablah to represent the real Sarah Kwablah who is accusing Gyan of rape and sodomy.

SEE PICTURES of FAKE and REAL Sarah Kwablahs below:

Fake Sarah Kwalah
Real Sarah Kwablah

Defamation Suit By ‘Fake’ Sarah Kwablah

The ‘fake’ Sarah Kwablah, then 23-year-old shop attendant and a resident of Nima, who felt scandalized and emotionally tortured, instructed her lawyer, Samson Lardy Anyenini, a lawyer and host of Newsfile on Joy FM, who filed a writ, demanded an amount of GH¢600,000.00 (six billion old Cedis) as damages for the publication of a photograph of his client, Sarah Kwablah, in Daily Guide.

She confirmed she bears the same name as the one said to have been sodomised by Gyan and suspects Daily Guide may have fetched her image from Facebook for their publication without cross-checking to find out if she was the one or not.

“The picture there is me but I’m not the one who they are talking of. I don’t even know Asamoah Gyan. I’ve not met him before. I have nothing doing with him,” she cried out to then Joy FM presenter, Francis Abban.

Trial In Progress

The defamatory trial which started in 2015, has seen parties from the Gyan’s camp, maintain and insist in court that the ‘fake’ Sarah Kwablah (Plaintiff) is the real Sarah Kwablah (who is accusing Gyan of rape and sodomy).


To establish the facts on the originality of the real Sarah Kwablah to the court, lawyer of ‘fake’ Sarah Kwablah (Plaintiff), Samson Lardy Anyenini, has humbly written to Sarah Kwablah through her lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, to appear in court – to enable ‘fake’ Sarah Kwablah establish her case of having been defamed with a false publication by Daily Guide.

The real Sarah Kwablah is poised to appear in court in the next hearing to give all details about herself to prove that she is the real one and not the Plaintiff – who is praying the court for GHC 600, 000, compensation, should defamation be determined against Daily Guide.


Whilst Gyan’s camp insists the ‘fake’ Sarah Kwablah is the real Sarah Kwablah, they ( as complainants) are in a criminal court with the real Sarah Kwablah, in which the real Sarah Kwablah and 3 others, are being trialed for allegedly extorting money from Asamoah Gyan.