EDITORIAL: Congratulations To uniBank For Supporting Ghana’s Creative Arts/Entertainment Industry – From Awards, Musical Concerts, Artistes, Theatre, Sports – We Are Most Grateful!

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Corporate sponsorship or better still, corporate support for Ghana’s creative arts/entertainment industry, has not been too impressive and forthcoming – and that has carked many players in the industry.

Corporate bodies don’t actually owe the arts industry a duty or explanation where they should invest in. They invest where they can benefit – after all, no one throws good money over bad money.

However, though Ghana’s art/entertainment industry is nowhere near perfection and passably far from being bankable, some corporate bodies are doing well to ‘support’ – perhaps, with the intention that: “We (corporate bodies) may not get direct or full benefit from them (arts industry) now – but let’s still support and grow with them for future benefits sake.”

Presspeep.com’s lens has been peeping at the industry for a while and has observed that one corporate body that is giving massive support to the arts/entertainment industry, is uniBank Ghana Ltd.

Arguably, uniBank is the only existing bank in Ghana currently that is giving priority to the arts industry and we feel they should be acknowledged and celebrated for that. Below, are evidence of their support to the arts/entertainment industry so far – and it’s simply amazing!


Musical Concert: Ghana Meets Naija

From our search, uniBank has supported what has come to be known as West Africa’s biggest Mega music concert, Ghana Meets Naija, since 2014. In other words, uniBank has supported the annual GMN concert for 4 years now. This year (2017), uniBank Smile and MasterCard supported GMN.

Awards: GUBA And Exclusive Men Of The Year Award

GUBA Awards – a biennial award in its sixth year this year, paid tribute to an array of trailblazers from various industries. Category Sponsors for GUBA 2017, saw uniBank Ghana, boldly featured.

The second edition of the prestigious Exclusive Men of the Year award christened EMY Africa will be coming off this Saturday, 24th June, 2017 and uniBank is on board as one of the main sponsors.


Urithi Entertainment presented a Total African Theatre performance dubbed ‘Masking The King’ on April 30 and May, 2017 1 at the Kempinski Hotel – uniBank was on as a sponsor.

In 2014, Ghana International School re-invented their annual musical performance – as well as staged an intriguing play titled ‘AIDA’ – a heated, passionate story of true love, war, betrayal and honour. uniBank was the title sponsor.

Fashion/Modeling: Rhythms On Da Runway

Oh yes they delve into fashion and modelling world. They supported broadcaster, KOD’s ‘Rhythms On Da Runway’ as a major sponsor.

Music Union: MUSIGA

In 2015 when the Musicians Union of Ghana, (MUSIGA) first launched a music crusade dubbed ‘Musicians Time With God’ on Tuesday, September 15, at the International Press Centre, Accra – a platform where both gospel and secular musicians come together to worship God in songs and be ministered to by men of God, uniBank gave their support.

In a country where most corporate bodies shy away from supporting or affiliating with religious-themed projects, uniBank, challenged all odds and supported MUSIGA – on a project one would wonder what direct benefits at all the company got. “It’s not always about the monetary benefit” they may have thought.

uniBank also supported MUSIGA in another capacity – Ghana Music Week celebration.

Artiste: VGMA Artiste Of The Year – Joe Mettle

This year, uniBank has done it again – and this time, as a main sponsor for a yet to be staged musical concert by the Vodafone Ghana Music Award VGMA 2017 ultimate winner – Artiste of the year, Joe Mettle.

Joseph Oscar Mettle popularly known as Joe Mettle will on June 25, be ministering to gospel music fans at the International Conference Centre, Accra. About 99% of gospel musicians in Ghana who stage their own concerts, don’t get corporate support. Joe Mettle must be overwhelmingly thankful to uniBank for this succour.

They also support the annual spirit-filled concert – ‘Harvest Praise.’

Sports – Black Stars

Football or soccer, is a form of entertainment – yes, we deem it so! uniBank, in 2013, was the sponsor of the Black Stars – appending its signature to a 3-year sponsorship deal with the Black Stars, worth $1.2 million.

In 2015, members of the Black Stars earned an extra bonus of 100, 000 USD from uniBank Ghana Limited for winning the quarter final game against Guinea – separate from the 1.2 million dollars sponsorship for the Black Stars. uniBank also promised the team will be given an additional 100,000 dollars should they win semi-finals against Equatorial Guinea and another 100,000 dollars for winning the finals.

If any seer had prophesied 20 years ago that a time will come that a financial institution will pump whopping sums of money into soccer, he would have been poo-poohed. Today, here we are with uniBank, making proud, the stone (footballers) some builders rejected.

The Others……

Broadcaster/Actress Akuma’s Widows Project.

The Sports Writers Association Of Ghana (SWAG) Awards.

Impressive Customer Service

Shifting from the arts/entertainment, the Presspeep.com team also monitored the social media page of uniBank and there, we realized not only are they doing well for the arts/entertainment, but are equally excelling in their core-mandate – banking and finance. Below are some comments we harvested:


Honouring Of Sponsorship Pledge

The Presspeep.com team spoke to some of the hands behind the above initiatives supported by uniBank and our confirmation was that, they do honour their pledges. “They either give you financial sponsorship or a win-win terms in kind” a source told us on anonymity.

Congratulations uniBank!

On behalf of Ghana’s creative arts/entertainment industry, we at Presspeep.com, by this publication, CONGRATULATE and CELEBRATE uniBank’s support and acute interest in Ghana’s arts/entertainment industry.

What makes us feel so grateful and proud of uniBank, is the fact that most ideas, events, projects, etc. they have supported and continue to support, are those of Ghanaian origin, interest, or initiated by Ghanaians. To us, that is the unique aspect of their gesture – which is why today, the Presspeep.com team, gives them encomium! You are indeed caring for us in the arts!


Some areas of the arts our lenses did not see their larger support are the movie, comedy, and poetry – and just like Oliver Twist, we call for more at their convenience! We also caution the industry players who go to uniBank for support, to continue giving them value for money – since no one throws good money over bad money.

The Presspeep.com team is still monitoring other corporate bodies who are gradually coming in handy to support Ghana’s moribund creative/showbiz industry and will duly celebrate or acknowledge them. Until then…MOTWUM!!