EDITORIAL: Criminalizing Homosexuality Is ‘Criminal’ And Illogical – A Look At An Ongoing Debate For And Against It In Ghana

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The debate on homosexuality rears its head every now and then in Ghana and just like any subject, there are some who argue for and those against it – but the latter’s arguments always fall flat when subjected to relative logics on sexual orientation.

One of the lifeless arguments always forged against homosexuality is that it is not natural –forgetting that they who claim sexual act should be the use of the male and female organs, also use their tongues (licking), dildos, vibrators, and fingers (fingering) or masturbate.

Criminalization of Homosexuality in Ghana
Osarfo Anthony – Managing Editor of Presspeep.com

When we move from the act of penetration, those who claim normal or natural sexual orientation is one that the male should be on top of the female – also wish, practice, and preach for the female to stoop like a dog for the male to mount her – it is called doggy style. Meaning, human beings, having sex like dogs – I mean the animal dog!

Which natural law states that a female must be made to stoop like a dog for a male to sex her? Or a male should use his tongue under the woman during sex? Yet many who are not homosexuals practice these sexual orientations everyday!

The big question therefore is, who defines what is natural sex and what are the touchstones? Certainly, it should not be about your preference or desires! The 1992 Constitution of Ghana states that natural sex is one between a male and female.

So if an adult male/female claims his/her desire is to always have sex with another consenting adult male/female, why consider it a criminal conduct – simply because that is not your sexual orientation; you are surprised at it, or not used to it? What at all is the crime element here? I don’t see any! I mean why criminalize how someone have or should have sex?

It’s like forcing someone to eat rice all the time – or be punished for eating ‘fufu.’ It’s also akin to telling or threatening a male not to make his female partner stoop and have sex with her from behind because it is not a natural orientation for humans to have sex (the female is not a dog). Think it over!

Criminalization of Homosexcuality in Ghana
Pope Francis

Then there’s this argument that if homosexuality is not stopped or preached against, the human race will eventually come to extinction through the act – forgetting we live in a society where tons of contraceptives are willingly imported and thousands sold for females to buy and use to prevent pregnancy.

Many who are not homosexuals, are the very ones who patronize and even advertise these contraceptives, and after, blindly turns round to make the argument that homosexuality does not ensure procreation – as if each time a female swallows a contraceptive, a new baby is sired for society.

Doesn’t our society advise the youth to use condoms – with several commercials on radio and TV? Does the use of condoms ensure procreation? Homosexuals don’t procreate – don’t we have barrens in our society? Are they sterile because they are homosexuals? No!

One male pours sperms into a female’s vagina and willingly kills them with contraceptives and another male pours same sperms into another male and wastes it – the actions are just different in terms of the doers involved but the result (waste of sperms) is same in both worlds.

In any case, is sex always done to procreate? No! Thousands are having sex for pleasure, financial reasons, curiosity or experimentation. In fact there are those who are not homosexuals but decide never to give birth – why not criminalize their decision or wish too?

Also, is the argument that homosexual practice makes people contract infections – are all those who contract and spread syphilis and gonorrhea homosexuals? Or if homosexuality is criminalized, will all sexually transmitted diseases end in Ghana? The answer obviously, is a resounding no!

So criminalize homosexuality and achieve what – end it? Or lessen its practice? That is absurd! Rape is a criminal act punishable by law – yet everyday, many who are not homosexuals engage in it, get caught, trialed, and jailed; same as stealing, murder, suicide, assault, etc.

So what is the guarantee that if homosexuality is criminalized, it will end the practice or lessen its practice? A criminal act or conduct is simply one that harms an individual or another – so if a male desires to have sex with another male without forcing or harming the fellow, why should this be considered a crime?

Then there are those who argue on moral, religious and spiritual lines – forgetting there are many who are not homosexuals but commit worst sins or crimes in society. Forgetting Ghana is not a theocratic state – so no one has the right or authority to force his or her faith or religious beliefs on another!

There are thousands of homosexuals who are helping mitigate the sufferings of others in this world. The fact that someone is a homosexual does not mean he or she is sin-personified, demonic, or evil – I totally disagree.

Those who condemn homosexuality are merely looking at the subject from their perspective only – that to me is sheer intellectual dishonesty! Don’t think your sexual orientation is the best – it’s a matter of preference, fantasy, and the science behind the action!

If any criminal law is to be passed on homosexuality in Ghana, it should be one that states unequivocally that no one must force another into homosexuality – just like rape, or no homophile partner must harm his or her partner during their act. Simple as that!

Ending, it is very ludicrous to note that each time the subject of homosexuality comes up for discussion, anyone who speaks in favour of it is deemed to be a homosexual – I guess by extension, all defense lawyers in criminal cases are criminals too! Cogitate!

Moses Foh-Amoaning, ace broadcaster and lawyer, says homosexuals cannot claim any human rights because the UN declaration on Human Rights and Ghana’s Constitution has not granted them any such rights.

Moses Foh-Amoaning

Foh-Amoaning is executive secretary of a group calling itself the ‘National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values’. He condemns homosexuality and its practitioners.

I am not a homosexual and never wish to become one – but if another is, I will not discriminate against the fellow; verbally or physically assault the fellow; deny him or her assistance; or consider them filthy beings. Criminalizing homosexuality is ‘criminal’ and inconsistent with relative logic. Until then…MOTWUM!!