EDITORIAL: Ghana Bar Association Should Check Lawyers Who Dress Shabbily To Court – Some Are Too Bad

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Having gained some little experience from the legal ballpark as a court room reporter before as well as facing trial over a publication, another thing I’ve picked from the legal circles is how poor some lawyers dress to court.

On the court’s premises, one cannot readily identify who a lawyer is – except you know the ‘learned man’ as such or he or she is in a barrister’s band or tab. However, I’ve had to meet a number of lawyers through my Defence Counsel – a very popular one in Ghana. On many occasions, some of his compeers would come closer and greet him or give a shout out.

That was how I was banged in the face with the grotty sense of fashion of some lawyers to court. Some literally have their shirts properly crumpled and genuinely faded; worn-out belts with their hocks meters far from their flap; unaligned tie knots; over-sized suits; dusty and wearied shoes.

Once a disturbing scene ensued between a lawyer and his client in front of Circuit Court 9 – confirming that I am certainly not the only one who has observed the poor dressing by some lawyers to court. Though the issue was not clear to the on-lookers, the client furiously spewed, “look at your dress, you call yourself a lawyer.

“You don’t even know how to dress! Look at your over-sized suit. I’m an illiterate but I look more presentable than you.” This lawyer could not utter a word. He left the premises – with a shadow of shame match behind him. It was very mortifying!

At a point, I wanted to film or take pictures as evidence, but the ambience at the curt premises won’t permit so – but the sincere truth is that, I saw and continue to see a number of lawyers whose dressing are not befitting of the ‘learned profession.’

Almost all white-collar professions are esteemed – but arguably, lawyers are most revered! Once a person discloses his or her identity as a lawyer, many consider the fellow as highly intelligent, knowledgeable, smart, disciplined, and well composed (in manners and dressing). Unfortunately, some lawyers are losing out on the appropriate dress-sense for the profession.

We at Presspeep.com, by this publication, are only calling on Ghana Bar Association, to caution lawyers (those who stand accused) to up their fashion-sense to maintain the prestigious image of the law profession. No harm or pun is intended!


The lawyers – Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata and Dr. Maurice Ampaw used as the featured image for the publication are actually not the subjects being referred to in this publication and we hope it is understood as such.