EDITORIAL: Ghana Revenue Authority Should Start Dragging Artists Who Don’t Pay Income Tax To Court

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In this 21st Century, Ghana Revenue Authority GRA, is now going to use tax payers’ money to organize a workshop to educate, in simple terms, bring to attention or awareness, that, artists must pay income tax.
Payment of income tax? Workshop? When we have been organizing workshops, seminars, and the famous capacity building whatever since Biblical Noah used to be in pampers. Wetin we gain?
Criminal prosecution has been instituted against several artists across the globe to ensure that they pay income tax to government – and to serve as a deterrence to other celebrities and all citizens who don’t pay taxes on their incomes.
Celebrities like Wesley Snipes ($ 7 million), Lauryn Hill ($1.8 million), Ja Rule ($ 1.1 million), Fat Joe ($1 million), MC Hammer ($800,000), Sinbad, otherwise known as David Adkins ($8.3 Million), Marc Anthony, amongst others – were all convicted of tax evasion.
They went to jail! They paid what is due to the government!
So just target one A-LIST artist – Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, any of them. Check if the fellow pays income tax – and if not, you drag him to court! By the time the media publishes and reviews the news and finally such an artist is convicted, the message is sent LOUDLY!
What will make this workshop a waste of resources is that these artists wont shown up in numbers. Even workshops on how to horn their talents and issues on royalties, digital stores/streaming, piracy, publishing, copyright, intellectual property, and the likes – only a few attend, and they don’t go back to even share whatever they learnt.
Drag them to court! Tax evasion is a criminal offence! Just drag them to court – so that when they get to court, they should tell the judge “my lord, I did not know that I’m suppose to pay tax on the money I earn for performing on stage or act in movies” as a defence.