EDITORIAL: Gospel Musician Ampong Should Stop Defaming Daddy Lumba Over Money Issues – The Nagging Is Becoming Annoying

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Gospel musician, Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, popularly known as The Great Ampong, has been on the case of music legend Daddy Lumba for over 6 months now – over an alleged GH¢340,000.00 album launch proceeds which the later pocketed.

“I went to church with Lumba, it was because of me that the man of God gave him an opened top car. I wanted to help him get healed by God so that he will know God better, but our friendship became like that of Jesus and Judas. Whilst Jesus was focused on Judas’ salvation, Judas on the other hand aimed at making money from Jesus” acerbated Ampong said on Kasapa Entertainment on Kasapa 102.5FM last week.

Daddy Lumba
Great Ampong stretches hand for his money

Ampong advised the Highlife Great to commit to memory, his own promise to God who healed him that he’ll always serve him.

“He (Daddy Lumba) gave a testimony in the house of God that he wouldn’t venture into highlife music but I don’t really know if he is in the studio recording a highlife song. He should remember his own testimony, he should also remember the God who healed him. He should remember what he said about desisting from highlife music and his vow to serve Jehovah his entire life.”

The host, Kojo Preko Dankwa, then asked why he didn’t claim the copyright of the album, Ampong then disclosed “Oh it’s mine so count it as part of my intellectual properties but because of busy schedules I haven’t gotten time to register… I will register soon.”

Some months back when this issue came public, Editor of Presspeep.com, Osarfo Anthony, contacted manager of Ampong, Bandex, and asked what they will do to get their money back – aside the media hubbub. Bandex promised of heading to court “at all cost.”

Bandex also told Osarfo that he is waiting on one prophet Badu Kobi to help them get their money from Lumba – and even cautioned the reportage be done in a way that will not soil the good reputation of Lumba – because he has respected the ‘Aben wo ha” hitmaker as a music legend and a humane person.

So what has changed? That all of a sudden we wake up to this same issue – with Ampong revealing things which are absolutely trifling to the subject! The album is even not registered? After all these while? Judas and Jesus analogy? This is bunkum!

Presspeep.com is by this editorial admonishing management of Ampong or to Ampong himself: “if someone owes you and is refusing to pay, the best place to go get your money is a Civil Court. As for the media, we will always feast on the news, but the responsible thing to do in such a case to get justice is court. So it’s either Ampong goes to court for redress or shut up!”

To us, we interpret what Ampong is doing as sheer defamation. Ampong is simply defaming Lumba – we strongly believe so. Its obvious Ampong does not want to meet up with Lumba for his money so to get justice, he feels defaming Lumba should be a resort – but that is fiendish! He who wants equity, must always go with clean hands. The nagging is becoming annoying!

We at Presspepp.com also advise Lumba to refund whatever money he’s alleged to owe Ampong and stop the hide and seek. Lumba is a legend – so he should do what legends do. Keeping quiet over this issue is not the best. It does not make Lumba a super-hero! If you happen to be closer to Lumba, ask him to do the needful as a legend. Until then….MOTWUM!!