EDITORIAL: Members Of Ghana Music Award (VGMA) May Stop Responding To Social Media Comments/Critics – Here Are Our Reasons

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Members – Charter house, Board, and Academy, of Vodafone Ghana Music Award VGMA, may consider eschewing from responding or reacting to social media commentators and critics – we at Presspeep.com think so.

Joe Mettle – VGMA Artiste of the Year 2017

To nurture an award for close to 20 years is no joke. The Ghana Music Award (GMA) came to meet a number of already existing awards and along the line, others joined, but today, most are nowhere to be found – they are dead. Ghana Music Award has come a long way and the organizers must be given paean for that.

Just as any award scheme, GMA has been barraged by critics right from day one – and with the new age of opinionated space (social media), the criticisms keep thickening each year. Observing keenly from 2015, critics, fans, and followers of VGMA have taken advance of the virtual word, Facebook mostly, to share their thoughts on the award (before, during, and after) and that is the beauty of democracy.

Board Chairperson of VGMA

But in an attempt to clarify, justify, or protect a brand, some members of Charter house and VGMA, end up using their personal social media handles to respond to critics on social media. That is too risky for building the brand Charter house and VGMA.

Properly situated and reputed firms or organizations (of which Charter house is one), don’t allow its workers to use their personal social media handles to communicate with the public or do PR works – not even communication directors or PROs are allowed or do so! It’s simply unprofessional!

One’s personal social media handle is personal to him/her and can sometimes be used for fatuous ends – it’s therefore not too appropriate and safer for official duties. Charter house and VGMA has official social media handles – they may consider using them to respond on social media.

Aside the unprofessionalism it exudes, is the fact that many are too quick in attacking personality instead of addressing issues. Using personal social media handles to respond would only end up in fighting persons – some of whom, don’t even deserve attention!

As a member of Charter house and or VGMA, you may be passing on the official position of the two brands on an issue to the public, but because the critics readily identify with you (because they mostly engage you on social media), they see you first and so deal with you before Charter house or VGMA.

That is where tempers rise, crude dictions are traded, and integrity is soiled! Charter house and VGMA are bigger than you – so why not hide behind the company’s official social media handles and save yourselves the stress and conserve your personal hard-built integrity?

As a publisher, I’ve come to realize that the virtual world is not meant for ‘serious-minded’ and ‘deep-thinkers’ – I believe the creators knew and had that in mind. It is a space for bagatelle and frivolity! It is a space where many lack intellectual acuity and offensive speech reigns! No modern day despot can ever end that.

Most of the submissions about Charter house and VGMA from social media critics and commentators are mere opinions – not facts! You can never stop people from expressing their opinions – not even the law court can ensure that. So why waste your time Mr.?

Leave the public to express themselves on Charter house and VGMA issues. The discerning minds can always identify and separate the opinions from the facts and critical thoughts from the shallow ones! Some will definitely and always hate, pass silly comments, mock the brand, run it down, or make wild allegations.

Consider them flying birds who don’t land. Just use press releases, official social media handles, or resort to the court to protect the brand. We are Presspeep.com wish the team at Charter house and VGMA all the best and look forward to another exciting edition of VGMA come next year. Until then…MOTWUM!!