EDITORIAL: NDC And NPP’S Manifesto Policies On The Creative Arts Lack Vision And Objective

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I have taken time to peruse portions of the manifestos announced by the two giant political parties in Ghana – NPP and NDC which tackles the arts, culture, and tourism industry.

First, I laud them for making a space in their manifestos to inform policies and ways to succor and promote our tourism and creative arts industry. However, both parties’ policies on the arts lack clear-cut vision and objective as to what they want Ghana to be known for as far as creative arts, culture, and tourism are concerned.

They all just touched on bits and pieces of tourism, culture, copyright, etc. – but I don’t find that new! That is not what I expected to read or see from them! At least those narrations have been in their manifestos since 1992 – and the records are there as proof.

What I expected their policies on the creative arts, culture, and tourism to be are – what and how Ghana should be known for so that Ghana can benefit from what we call in Economics, absolute advantage.

For instance, when anyone is touching on America’s art industry, Hollywood readily comes in mind (movies); when you hear Tanzania, tourism comes in mind (Zanzibar); when you hear Brazil, football registers. France is widely known for her wine, vineyards, and fashion across the globe!

So the art policies of the various manifestos (NDC and NPP) should have had same or similar vision or objective – thus, whether Ghana should be branded, marketed, or known both home and across the globe with a particular art, say, music, movies, tourism, fashion, etc. It should have been clear-cut!

Someone once told me that, in order to correct the wrong global image about Nigeria or Nigerians, one of their Governors, decided and used music to save Nigeria’s image – by investing in 2 Face, P-Square, D-Banj and others.

Today, see how well Nigerians are doing globally – not to talk of their Nollywood (once second largest movie industry in the world). This is what I’m referring to! As it stands, I don’t see any particular focus, direction, mission, vision, or objective in the manifesto policies from both NDC and NPP. They just traded with words!

It is the lack of the aforementioned parameters which is why when they come into office, they mostly lose focus on which sect to help or promote. They could have all done way better than this! Google the Manifestos of NDC and NPP 2016 and read more on them!