EDITORIAL: NPP-NDC Politics Is A Bogus Recycling Game Which Must Be Thrown Out Someday

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A man married a nice woman and told the whole world how good she is. Four years later, the same man came out and told the world that her wife is the worst thing that happened to his life – hence, he has decided to divorce her, and actually did.

He married a second woman – again, made much noise about how better she is – compared to the first wife and hyped her to the world. Four years later, this same man came out and told the world his second wife is the real imp against his success – so he divorced her and went back to remarry his first wife.

Four years on, this same man came public and told the world that his first wife whom he remarried, is the cause of all his woes and so he wants to remarry his second divorced wife, and actually did. This man has nurtured this cycle of marrying and remarrying his first and second wife for 24 years now.

What do you think of this man? Is he serious? Should he be taken serious at all? Let me dare ask, is this man intelligent at all?

This is exactly how I see the NDC-NPP politics we have been pursuing since 1992. We keep recycling the same old team we call problem solvers – and still want to see better results. Is it not risible? Does it not inform the fluffy state of mind of the people?

I don’t care if this two-party system is happening in America or elsewhere –they may be doing something right in their jurisdiction. I don’t see hope in this recycling we are fostering in Ghana and I’m convinced it will never work for us or this country!

Most things NDC will do when they are in office, NPP will condemn it when they are in opposition. When the table turns and the NPP is in office, they will do the same or similar thing the NDC did which they critique. If they are queried, they refer one to NDC and say during the NDC’s time they did same. The NDC do same too– so in the end, we keep going in circles of shifting and apportioning blame. We must be sleeping as a people!

NPP Presidential Candidate – Nana Addo
NDC Presidential Candidate – John Dramani Mahama

But who is to blame more? I blame it on the same NPP and NDC! These two parties have deliberately created a political environment that will favour only them! They don’t want any third option to penetrate. So with their resources and influence, they frustrate any third alternative and push them off so that they can continue to divide and rule – a tool the slave master used to usurp us and still using!

Alas! I wail! Our hands have been tied! It’s either one votes for NDC or NPP. A vote for any third alternative is simply a waste of vote cast. So the recycling continues. Only time knows when this will end. This NDC-NPP politics is a bogus recycling game which must be thrown out someday. Until then…MOTWUM!!

For now, I resolve not to vote! I refuse to be part of this whole NDC-NPP bêtise. I may change my mind the day that third force will surface on our political front.