EDITORIAL: Papa Kwesi Nduom’s Congratulatory Message To Nana Addo For Winning The Election Is IMMATURE and IRRESPONSIBLE

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Presspeep.com has chanced on a post from the official Facebook page of the presidential candidate of PPP, Papa Kwesi Nduom, and finds his conduct very immature.

Per the post, Mr. Nduom is congratulating the NPP flagbearer, Nana Addo, for winning the election (in which counting and collation are ongoing) and according to Mr. Nduom, he is thanking Nana for winning based on results available to him. Read below what Mr. Nduom posted:

Is Mr. Nduom now the EC Boss? Is it his responsibility to announce a winner? No! And no matter how credible whatever results Mr. Nduom claims he has, it still does not give him any right to announce the winner of this election. His so-called results is not a justification for his conduct! After many years of active politics, Mr. Nduom is oblivious of this simple inunction in Ghana’s democracy or politics?

This conduct by Mr. Nduom is immature, irresponsible, and highly unconstitutional and we at Presspeep.com condemn it! The only person mandated to announce a winner in our general polls is the EC Boss – Madam Charlotte Osei, and that must be respected. Until she announces who has won this election, no one should do so. Let’s all remain calm and wait for the declaration from the EC.