EDITORIAL: Petition To Get Counsellor Lutterodt Off The Media Space Is A Big Fat Joke

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I’ve read reports in which one Nii Aryee, is calling on the public who think like him to sign a petition to have popular Counselor Lutterodt taken off the media space because according to this Nii, “Anytime I sit down and listen to Counselor Lutterodt speak on radio when he is given the platform to speak on issues concerning marriage and relationships, he says nothing useful.

 Counsellor Lutterodt
Counselor Lutterodt

“Counselor Lutterodt has spewed very ridiculous and hateful statements about Ghanaian men and women. He even goes as far as meddling in the private love lives and affairs of Ghanaian celebrities and passes very unsavory comments. It is improper for him to be on Ghanaian public airwaves making the comments he makes.

The language Mr. Lutterodt uses is demeaning to women and men, and families should not have to hear it over the radio. Not anymore. Enough is enough with this loud mouthed, often misinformed so-called Counselor.”

According to the petition, Nii Aryee is looking for 500 signees after which he will present the petition to the National Media Commission (NMC) to ban Counselor Lutterodt from ever going to any media house for interviews or talk shows.

This Nii of a human being is simply intolerant, oblivious of laws of Ghana, and simply making a clown of himself with his advocacy. What he actually needs is free education on free speech and media practice in Ghana and we at Presspeep.com are glad to serve him one here.

In 1992, the fourth republic of Ghana adopted a Constitution in which the right to free speech is forever enshrined. The 1992 Constitution declares in no equivocal terms that: “All persons shall have the right to -freedom of speech and expression, which shall include freedom of the press and other media.”

The Constitution guarantees that the press and every individual in Ghana has the right to say anything that they want, whenever that they want and wherever that they want. Furthermore, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, and to which Ghana is a signatory, also states in Article 19 that:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Hence, the freedom to express one’s opinion without any kind of censorship is a natural right guaranteed by the highest law of our land, the Constitution, and also guaranteed by the entire human race through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

There should be no confusion about this freedom. This right to freely express ourselves is not contingent on the whims and caprice of any individual or government based on sentiments, faith, religion, or intolerance as Nii is going about it.

Sagacious Nii who is a serious human being and wants to score a point with his advocacy, should send his petition to the NMC and explain what he means by Counselor Lutterdot’s comments are: not useful, ridiculous, hateful, loud mouthed, and often misinformed – as he has amassed from 500 people, which is representative enough, to take the counselor off the media space or stop him from expressing his thoughts in the media.

And also, convince the same NMC why his advocacy is useful, not ridiculous, not hateful, and a well-informed one. If the MNC grants Nii’s wish, then we at Presspeep.com would be convinced that Ghana is simply a theater of comedy for the whole world to take relief from when stressed up. Until then…MOTWUM!!