Editorial Policy


The Editorial Policy of Presspeep.com is guided by our Mission and Vision – taking into consideration the laws of Ghana (and others where applicable), Culture, Technology Trends, and Our Core Ideologies.

The Editorial Policy covers; Professional Media Practice requirements, Laws, Content, Operations, Administration, and Core Ideologies in the reportage and / or publication of contents on Our medium.

We strongly advise anyone who visits the blog, follow our activities, or intends to have any form of official dealings with Us, to first and foremost, read and be abreast of this Editorial Policy.


The Editor is the general overseer of contents – news, articles, features, documents, audios, videos, and pictures, published on Presspeep.com. The Editor takes full responsibility for contents on the site and responds appropriately to anyone as and when reasonably called upon.


We have official Staff who work for or with us full time or part-time based on their unique assignments, location, and skills – and are given bylines.

Our Content

Our content covers largely; Culture, Tourism, Creative Arts, and the world of Showbiz, about and within the African jurisdiction as priority; and contents that highlight on Social or Human Interest issues. Extensive Research, Investigation, Exclusivity, and Precision, characterize Our reportage or publications.

Content Identity Signature

We register Our brand name, Presspeep.com, in all Our contents – it’s Our Content Identity Signature. The name Presspe.com features at least once in all Our contents. We therefore advise anyone who lift Our contents (in whole or partial) to maintain Our Content Identity Signature as originally authored by Us – before lifting for republication.

Third Party Content

We welcome content from Third Party (ies) – Guest Contributor for publication. However, We reserve the right not to publish received Third Party contents – once they are evaluated and found to be or potentially libelous or defamatory, or does not meet Our Core Ideologies.

Permission – Our Contents

We take strong exception to publication of Our content by Third Parties without giving Us credit and/ or seek prior permission from Us. All rights reserved.

In cases of Exclusive Contents, We advise Third Parties seek clarity and permission from Us before republishing – due to legal implications. We also reserve the right not to allow for republication of Our exclusive contents.

Giving Us credit for republishing Our Exclusive Contents We decline Third Parties to do so is no justification or defense– and shall not be accepted. We shall not hesitate in resorting to any available laws on Plagiarism or Content Stealing and deal with whoever appropriately.

We however, initiate as well as welcome Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Third Parties We strongly believe in, in exchanging of contents on each other’s platform.

Permission – Third Party Content

We duly give credit to Third Party contents we republish. Where necessary, we seek prior permission or consent from Third Parties before republishing their contents.

We however, republish Third Party contents based on the principle of ‘Honest Belief’ in the content and its provider (s) – as well as if they meet Our Core Ideologies.


We protect Our reputation from being soiled and from law suits as a result of republication of Third Party contents. We therefore issue a Disclaimer to all Third Party contents We publish on Our medium. The official Disclaimer to Third Party contents published by Us shall read:

Presspeep.com hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by falsification, errors, or omissions by the originator or owner of this content. We published it based on the principle of ‘Honest Belief’ in the content and its originator or owner. If anyone wants to sue in relation to this content, sue the originator or owner and not Presspeep.com.”


We give fair opportunity to anyone to rejoin to false publications or inaccuracies in any content We may publish when reasonably called upon. The Constitution (1992) of Ghana under Freedom and Independence of the Media, Article 162 and Best Practices in publishing, gives rights to Rejoinder to publications and We respect that.

We will not refuse to publish any Rejoinder We receive, even if in doubt of its truth or factual accuracy. However, the Editor shall append an Editorial Note doubting the Rejoinder’s veracity based on the authenticity of the facts and reliable source(s) available to Us on the publication that called for the Rejoinder.

Respect For Privacy

Every person has a right to privacy and such rights are ensured and governed by Laws and Culture the world over. We are therefore very discreet on publications about others privacy.

We report or publish stories on a Subject’s; Friendship, Marriage, Private-Social Life, Family, Religion, Tribe, Race, Health, and Sexual Orientation only if it is of Legitimate Public Interest and/ or involves Criminality.

We do not record or film anyone without the person’s knowledge or permission – unless the recording or filming is for an Undercover Investigation into an issue on Criminality; or We shall need such relevant recording or filming as evidence to build a strong defense in case of a Legal Suit.

Aside the above reasons, We record or film interviews (phone or face to face), speeches, press conferences, with the knowledge of the Subject involved to guard against misquotation, errors, or any form of misrepresentation in our reportage or publications.

Protection Of Sources

We duly quote or give credit to any source that gives us information for publication, especially on News Stories and Investigative Assignments. However, We respect the right to Anonymity and so protect Our sources. Laws on Publishing and Media Practice the world over, support so (protection of sources) too.

We therefore encourage anyone to furnish us with Leads, Tips, Documents, Audios, Videos, Pictures, and Gists for publication – bearing in mind, We shall not disclose your Affiliation, Identity or Name – should you wish or call for Anonymity.

Editor’s Note

Unless by a court order to do so, the Editor and/ or any of Our Staff, is under no obligation to stop any publication; interpret, or explain the intention or rationale behind a publication to a Subject involved in a story or to the Reader.

However, due to the sensitive nature or orientation behind certain stories, the Editor, based on respect for others sensibilities or on human-phase, may append a Note to explain the intent or rationale behind a publication – which should not be misconstrued as guilt or remorse for the publication.

Retraction And Apology

We shall sincerely retract and/ or apologize for any False, Inaccurate, or Misrepresented content We may publish. We may retract – as in take the story off the site, apologize, or both; or decide not to do any of them based on the circumstance.


On Comments and Opinions, Article 162 of the Constitution on Freedom and Responsibility of Media, states: “Editors and publishers of newspapers and other institutions of the mass media shall not be subject to control or interference by Government, nor shall they be penalized or harassed for their editorial opinions and views, or the content of their publications.”

We therefore share Opinions, Comments, and Judgement on issues or subjects through the Editor, Staff, and Guest Contributors as well as our Readers on Our medium – but within the confines of the Law and in conformity to Our Core Ideologies.

Guest Contributors and Readers should bear in mind that their Opinions, Judgements, or Comments on the site, do not represent Our official position – so whilst free to pass comments or take positions on any issue, We advise anyone to draw distinction between Opinions and Conjectures from Facts.

Objectivity And Biasness

We ensure Objectivity or fair balance in our publications, importantly, on News Stories and Investigative Assignments– all things being equal. We however, allow for Biasness in Opinionated Writings – Features and Articles. We also exercise Biasness in fulfillment of Our Core Ideologies.

Our Core Ideologies

Our Core Ideologies, are the tools we use in regularizing, or govern our contents. Thus, no publication of contents:

  1. That deliberately preach or incite Hate or Violence.
  2. That promote discrimination based on Body/Skin-Colour, Sexual Orientation, Religion or Faith.
  3. That promotes or circulates Nudity.
  4. With Insufficient-Evidence-Base or Reliable Source.

We may in rare occasions, publish some contents which bothers on Ideologies 1, 2, and 3 but in antonymous position to those Ideologies. The Editor shall append a Note to such publications to explain the intent or the objective We seek to achieve.

Social Responsibility

We pay much premium on Social Responsibility, specially on; Health, Environmental Protection, and Human Rights Abuses. We do not charge any money for promoting contents, initiatives, activities, or causes for Social Responsibilities works we support and/ or promote on our medium for Our Clients. We do initiate projects or activities as a Social Responsibility gesture or welcome any from Third Parties.

Contact Us

Aside having official dealings or contact with any of Our Staff who has been assigned to do so on Our behalf, all Third Parties who wish to have any official dealings with Us, are strongly advised to communicate with the Editor only – through email or contact numbers on the site or any of our social media handles. You deal with any other person at Presspeep.com on official matters at your own risk!


The Editorial team at Presspeep.com shall review this Editorial Policy at any time we deem it utile based on changes in general Media Practice, Laws of Ghana (and others where applicable), Technology, and Feedback from Third Party (ies) – and shall communicate such changes on Our site.


This is the Editorial Policy of Presspeep.com. We welcome suggestions, questions, and contributions from anyone to improve – as we believe in building this brand with you.