Education Director Canes Teacher in Class For Lashing Class-Two Pupils – Justified?

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A female class two teacher has been flogged right in the presence of her class by the Regional Director of Education in the Western Region. Her crime? The teacher (name withheld) punished some of her pupils for showing up late in class to write their examination on Wednesday.

The Regional Director of Education who was identified as Enyonam Afi Amefugah, has his office adjacent to the school (Rose Methodist School at Secondi) and whilst driving to his office he spotted the teacher canning the pupils.

That apparently infuriated Mr. Amefugah and consequently stopped his car and went into the classroom to interrogate the teacher after which he took a cane and lashed the teacher.

The action of the Director has angered some of the teachers and according to the Ghana National and Association of Teachers in the region have lodged a complaint with the appropriate authorities.

Report also says the Educational Unit of the Methodist Schools are having a crunch meeting with officials of the school, the Ghana Education Service in the Region and both the teacher and the Director over the matter.

This very bizarre indeed but since we are not privy to the degree of the teacher’s lashings of her pupils, we will keep our comment to ourselves until the whole matter is unravelled. In any case, do you think the action of the Director was justified? Share your thoughts with us.