Ewe Urban-Gospel Musician, FAFFA, Also Speaks On Tribalism In Music Industry

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Ghanaian Urban gospel musician, FAFFA, has stated unequivocally that, the tribe of a person, does not matter in making him or her a successful artist.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Hot 93.9 FM presenter, Dr. Who, on the program, Hot & Classic, FAFFA was asked if an artist’s tribe counts in making him or her successful in the Ghanaian music industry – where ethnocentrism is deeply ingrained in our cultural fiber.

In her usually sharp and erudite articulation, FAFFA said, “Emphatic no. l am a universal citizen and l cut across boundaries. My tribe does not and cannot hinder my success.”


The contemporary-Ewe-tribe FAFFA expanded her thought by adding that, “When you cut through the skin of the Ewe, Akan, Fante, Ga, the colour of blood is same, red. We are one people.

“Same universal law of seed, time and harvest apply. What is important is discovering your divine purpose and manifesting your God abilities to the fullest in spite of the likely challenges.”

Dr. Who, admiring FAFFA’s voice, asked, “You have a romantic voice, has anybody told you?”

Wrought-up FAFFA sung her own praises, stating, “I hear this often and l personally know. Faced several challenges with the ‘popes’ as a result but l have come to accept my romantic voice reveals the other side of God. God is romantic. Love gives and you can only give what you have.”

The ever hardworking FAFFA has so far released two singles this year: ‘Ewo Koe nye Mawu’ (reggae) sung in Ewe and For My Good (dancehall).

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