EXCLUSIVE: Entertainment Chief Of Tamale Warns Art Critic Not To Condemn On Radio Else “We’ll Beat You”

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One of Tamale’s promising art critics popularly known as Robicon Unique, has received a stern warning from the Demanaa – Entertainment Chief of Tamale, Mr. Hafiz Mohammed, not to ever sit on radio and criticize anything that goes on in the entertainment industry in Tamale.

Robicon, who is a regular panelist on Kesmi FM’s Entertainment Review, narrated to, how the Demanaa met him at an event on Saturday, 26th November, 2016, and served him the writ of threat.

“Look, you guys should not go on radio again and criticize anything – whether is good or bad you must say is good! We must support our own! If you sit on radio again and criticize anything negative, we will come there and beat you! We have already told Chief” Robicon claims the Demanaa told him.

Entertainment Critic – Robicon Unique

According to Robicon, he did not react to the Demanaa’s conduct. “I never replied and he said that they have told the Tamale chief about me and my constant criticisms of the entertainment industry in Tamale. Whatever be the results, I should say is good because this is our own and they would not allow people like us to bring it down.”

Robicon also intimated to the site that, this is not the first time the Demanaa has threatened his life for doing his work as an art critic. “But before this, he had in one instance confronted me in a radio show (ZAR radio), through a phone call first and later rushed to the studio but as of that time, the show had ended and I had left but the host and other people told me, they wanted me at the palace of the chief but I never bothered to go there” Robicon alleged.

In a separate interview with the Demanaa, he told his side of the story. “Yes I confronted him! I don’t care whether he interprets it as threat or not! That guy is always giving us bad press! He always criticize but offers no solution or suggestion! All he does is to just condemn and run others down! He’s always giving us bad press!”

The Demanaa expects Robicon to always speak well of things –even if they are not. “Why condemn? We know we are not perfect but whether what we are doing is good or bad, just say it’s good! You don’t have to wash our dirty clothes in public! You don’t do that!”

Demanaa of Tamale – Mr. Hafiz Mohammed

Ending, the Demanaa also made the point that, “As long as I remain the Entertainment Chief of Tamale, I will protect our image and interest! I am going to report him to the chief of Tamale and other radio stations not to allow him sit on radio again! We have a group called Dagomba Movement – I will unleash those boys on him!”

But calming down his nerves down, the Demanaa assured that he will not harm Robicon but only advising the latter to be of good behavior and promote or say good things about the art industry in Tamale – since it’s a young one that requires motivation and not needless chiding. Robicon however told that he will be reporting the matter to the police come Monday.