EXCLUSIVE: NDC’s Joseph Yamin Who Promised To Exchange His Expensive Car For Adom FM Presenter’s Phone If Mahama Lost Has Failed To Do So – Presenter Speaks At Last

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Former Deputy NADMO Coordinator, Joseph Yamin, put his expensive pickup car on the line on live TV – emphasising that should candidate Mahama lose the December 7 election, he will give his car to the presenter in exchange for the latter’s cheap phone.

Speaking on Adom TV’s “Agradaa” show, a confident and well composed Joseph Yamin offered his pickup car in exchange for Omanhene’s low grade mobile phone. He stated that John Mahama will win the elections and that the presenter should take his car if the NDC fails to win the elections.

Omanhene Kwabena Asante

He asked the presenter to tell him the type of phone he uses to which Omanhene replied that he uses an iPhone. Without being dared, Yamin said an iPhone is too expensive and challenged the presenter to bring a phone of lesser value in exchange of his car if the NDC does not win the elections.

Mr. Joseph Yamin

“An iPhone is too expensive, bring a lower phone and put it against my car as bet. The pickup car outside is my own car, if the NDC does not win the elections bring that phone and come for my car” said, adding, “I am saying this on live TV and your medium goes far.”

Watch Mr. Yamin’s bravado below:

In an exclusive interview with, Omanhene Kwabena Asante has disclosed that Mr. Yamine has not honoured his promise. “He has not honoured his promise, (laughs), you should know he won’t. He hasn’t. You know these politicians, they talk.

“I consider it a political talk. I did not go into any bet with him anyway – he made his promise and has failed to honour.”

As far as promises and bets are concerned in the last elections – many made some but have since failed to honour theirs. Read that of yours truly, Nii Ayi Bonte below: