EXCLUSIVE: TV Presenter Nana Aba Anamoah Was Born Into A HINDU Family But Ran Away For ‘Salvation’

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GH One TV presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah, was born into a Hindu-faith family but fled for her own ‘salvation’ – has gathered.

Hindu Background

The former TV3 host, was born to a former GBC late broadcaster by name Kwesi Anamoah. Mr. Anamoah was a Hindu for more than 30 years at the Hindu Monastery of Africa – located at Odorkor, a suburb of Accra.

Mr. Anamoah was fondly known as Om Anamoah – his initiated name at the Hindu Monastery. gathered that though it was Om Anamoah’s wildest wish to see Nana Aba follow his religious line, that could not materialize – she chose her own faith and ‘salvation.’

Om Anamoah was not just a worshipper at the Monastery, but one of the revered Founding-Fathers and management figures in the Hindu sect of Ghana and Africa at large. He was a humane and affable man – many attest to that.

Why Nana Aba’s Renunciation From Hinduism

Some close sources spoke to, said she was not too enthused by her father’s faith whilst growing up. It is also believed that she left because of the misconception about the Hinduism faith in Ghana– which perhaps, explains why she has never spoken about her stint with Hinduism in any interview she has ever granted about her life.

Finally, it is also strongly believed she left Hinduism because of one of their doctrines; no eating of meat, fish, or egg. They are strict vegetarians – but Nana Aba is not. She chews her cattle and goat meat and break into bones for extraction of calcium.

Nana Aba’s Current Faith

Nana Aba has made it clear to all that she is a Christian – however, she has her reservations. She argue in favour of the ag-old topic: whether Jesus Christ was a Black or White person. In her own words, she said, “…I’ve seen a lot of pictures claiming that is Jesus Christ but when I picture Jesus, I don’t see a white man, I see a black man. I don’t see a Whiteman as Jesus Christ. I see Jesus as a black man, that’s how I picture him.”

Her Father’s Death And Family Issues

When the Supreme One beckoned, Om Anamoah left his body to the cosmic. As usual, it was a big blow to the family and devotees at the Hindu Monastery of Africa. Per Vedic tradition and the Hindu doctrine, bodies of deceased ones must be cremated – hence, Om Anamoah’s body, was to be cremated.

Unfortunately, we learnt that created some misunderstanding of a sort amongst the family. However, it was Om Anamoah’s desire and instruction to have his body cremated when he exit – the Monastery was ever ready to fulfil that wish.

Cremation Of Nana Aba’s Father

The final burial rites service for her late father was held at the Christ the King Catholic Church on Saturday morning November 14, 2015. Om Anamoah was finally cremated but not the Hindu way.

According to our source, “He was cremated but not the Hindu way. He was laid on a pyre of wood and oil poured on him, I don’t even know which oil, and fire was inserted into the pyre. No mantras were chanted! Nothing! Catholic prayers were just recited.”