EXCLUSIVE: Wife Of Kumawood Actor Lil Win Discloses How He Abused Her – Making Her Ran Away From Their Matrimonial Home With Their Children To Save Her Life

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According to wife of multiple-award winning Kumawood actor Lil Win, Patricia Afriyie, Lil win abused her on a number of occasions in their matrimonial home – making her leave the house with their children.


Patricia Afriyie, the wife continued to speak about how she was treated in the marriage. She said Lil win before sacking her out of their matrimonial home confiscated the car he had bought for her and changed it into a taxi.

“He decided to give the car to Apuzzo to use as a taxi but as I am speaking to you, the car is still in the house unused.” She added. She continued to describe the Kumawood star as an abuser, autocrat who made her feel like a slave in their marriage.

“When I was in the house, I was worried about a lot of things but because of his (Lil Win) nature, I couldn’t voice out. I was afraid because of the maltreatment.” She continued.

”If I send an issue to the elders, he will pretend in their face — but after they are gone, he will verbally abuse me,” She added. In conclusion, she insisted and consoled herself with the kids she has with him — referred to them as her only hope in this world.

” I thank God my children are not dead. I am better today than when I was with him and in that abusive marriage”

Earlier Reports On Lil Win’s Marriage

According to a report by 3 months ago, the separation happened “a little while ago”, adding that news of the couple’s troubles hadn’t reached the public domain simply because events that led to the “breakdown is embarrassing and efforts have been made to sweep it under the carpet”.

But responding to questions concerning his relationship on Happy FM’s Ayekoo, the celebrated comedian said denied the popular claims.

“Oh I see, it seems its only you people that are talking about it. In this world, you cannot be living your life based on rumors and hear say. If I have issues with my wife, I will not come out and start complaining about it,” he said ambiguously.

Ending, he said, “If you are living with a lady and she leaves you when you have not done anything to her, then God will not bless you. So don’t listen to humans. Don’t mind anybody. It is not true.”

Lil Win’s Side Of This FRESH REPORT

On a follow up to the story, contacted the Editor of to inquire if they attempted to get Lil Win’s side of the story. According to him, they did but Lil Win’s manager picked up and “insulted.” “Oh yeah, I don’t have anything against him so I called” he said. also made several calls to the manager’s known Airtel number but the line was off – as at the time of wrapping up on this report.

Listen to the exclusive interview had with Patricia below;